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Trump: Mexico's Paying for That Wall, and Here's How

He'd cut off billions of dollars in transfers sent by immigrants to family in Mexico

(Newser) - Two former Mexican presidents have already said there's no way their country will ever pay for the "stupid" "f---ing wall" that Donald Trump insists he'll erect between the US and Mexico if he becomes president—which has led to lots of head-scratching over how exactly Trump... More »

CIA Spying on Overseas Money Transfers: Reports

Other methods of "bulk collection" likely still unknown

(Newser) - Think your international money transfer is free from prying eyes? Not so, according to the New York Times , which reports the CIA is secretly collecting info from companies like Western Union under the Patriot Act—the same law the NSA cites when nabbing phone records. It's possible the names... More »

2 Stories