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Creigh Deeds: As Son Stabbed Me, I Told Him I Loved Him

Talks about son Gus' struggle with mental illness with Anderson Cooper

(Newser) - Creigh Deeds saw his son walking across the yard toward him as he fed the animals in the family barn last November. "Hey bud, how'd you sleep?" Deeds said, waving. But just moments later, "I turned my back, and I took it twice in the back" as... More »

Creigh Deeds Introduces Mental Health Bills

7 weeks after son stabbed him, killed self

(Newser) - Seven weeks after Gus Deeds stabbed father Creigh and then fatally shot himself, the Virginia state senator has introduced three bills intended to improve the state's mental health system. On Nov. 18, Gus Deeds was released from an emergency custody order for a mental health evaluation, because no psychiatric... More »

Stabbed Va. Senator: I Survived 'for a Reason'

Creigh Deeds blames Community Services Board in attack

(Newser) - Creigh Deeds , released from the hospital, is speaking out after his son stabbed him before committing suicide . "I am alive for a reason, and I will work for change," Deeds tells the Recorder newspaper, via the Richmond Times-Dispatch . "I owe that to my precious son."... More »

Virginia Investigates: Why Was Deeds Son Released?

Reports bubble up that hospitals with beds available were not contacted

(Newser) - Just 13 hours before stabbing his father and then killing himself, Gus Deeds was released from an emergency custody order after just a few hours—because no psychiatric bed could be found in order to hold him for up to 48 hours. Now Virginia has launched an inquiry into the... More »

Western Virginia Had No Hospital Bed for Deeds' Son

Friends recall Gus Deeds as exuberant, not troubled

(Newser) - Virginia State Police are still attempting to piece together exactly what happened at state Sen. Creigh Deeds' residence yesterday, but have confirmed that they "are looking at this as an attempted murder and suicide." The Times-Dispatch elaborates on its report on the mental health evaluation son Gus Deeds... More »

Deeds' Son Underwent Mental Health Eval Yesterday

Source says an emergency custody order was issued for Gus Deeds

(Newser) - We still don't know much about what happened inside Virginia state Sen. Creigh Deeds' home today, but the Times-Dispatch has some insight into the mental state of his 24-year-old son, who died from a gunshot wound this morning: It reports by way of a source that Gus Deeds yesterday... More »

Va. Senator Stabbed Multiple Times; Son Dead

Creigh Deeds airlifted after 'assault' at his home

(Newser) - Virginia state Sen. Creigh Deeds is in critical condition after being stabbed in what state police are calling an "assault" at his rural home early this morning—with Democratic sources telling NBC Washington that his son, Gus, was the one who stabbed his father before turning a gun on... More »

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