Florida Everglades National Park

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Experts Hunt for Prehistoric Culture Under Everglades Boardwalk

Search follows on 1968 discovery

(Newser) - Researchers are searching for an ancient culture in Everglades National Park, following up on work done decades ago. In 1968, after a pond in the park was dredged, a park ranger spotted a vast collection of what may have been tools and weapons, as well as remnants of marine life... More »

Hope Spouts for Stranded Florida Whales

Survivors are moving to deeper water but not safe yet

(Newser) - They're not out of the woods—or, more accurately, out of shallow Everglades waters—yet, but rescuers now believe dozens of whales stranded in Florida have a good chance of survival. The surviving 35 pilot whales from the stranded pod are slowly moving toward deeper waters, nudged along by... More »

10 Whales Dead, 41 in Trouble in Florida

Group of pilot whales stranded in shallow Everglades

(Newser) - A slow-moving marine tragedy is unfolding in the Florida Everglades, where 10 pilot whales are dead and 41 more are stranded in shallow water, reports NBC Miami . Rescuers are trying desperately to coax the whales back to the Gulf of Mexico, but they'd have to make it 20 miles... More »

3 Stories