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7 Penguins Mysteriously Drowned at Canadian Zoo

'Nothing we’ve ever encountered before'

(Newser) - Employees at the Calgary Zoo made a horrifying discovery Thursday morning: seven dead Humboldt penguins, all apparently drowned in a 3-feet-deep pool. "Everybody here is pretty shaken up by it," animal care director Jamie Dorgan tells CBC News . The penguins were being kept in a holding area this... More »

2 Activists Free Penguin, May Have Doomed Him

Park officials in South African say Buddy won't survive in the wild

(Newser) - Two South African students may have gotten in over their heads when they "liberated" a penguin from a South African marine park, the BBC reports. Surveillance video showed two still-unidentified students breaking into the enclosure at Bayworld marine park, grabbing the penguin, and driving it to the nearby shoreline,... More »

150K 'Dead' Penguins Might Just Be Chilling Elsewhere

They may have only abandoned their colony: expert

(Newser) - Troubled by the apparent deaths of 150,000 penguins since a Rhode Island-sized iceberg crashed into Antarctica in 2010? Good news: There might be an alternative explanation for their disappearance. No one has actually found the bodies of 150,000 Adélie penguins that vanished from a colony at Cape... More »

New Zealand Has Another Wayward Penguin

'Happy Feet Jr.' is in rough shape after long journey

(Newser) - Another penguin has managed the amazing feat of washing up on the shore of New Zealand, reports AFP . This one has been named "Happy Feet Jr." after the original wayward penguin who captivated the nation in 2011. The juvenile royal penguin is in bad shape, unfortunately, though for... More »

Long-Lost Study: Penguins Rape, Kill Each Other

Adelie penguins: so depraved, history forgot about them

(Newser) - Those penguin tuxedos? Deceptive, it turns out. Certain young male penguins are so sexually depraved that their behavior was kept hidden for 100 years, the Guardian reports. British scientist George Murray Levick studied Adélie penguins during a 1910-1913 Antarctic expedition, and his report so appalled editors that details of... More »

Guys Break Into Sea World, Steal Penguin

Then release it in shark-infested waters

(Newser) - Usually, we mock criminals when they brag about their crimes on Facebook . But if your crime was breaking into a Sea World, swimming with the dolphins, and making off with a 7-year-old fairy penguin, we understand the urge to share. Three Queensland, Australia men, aged 18, 20, and 21, have... More »

Tokyo on the Hunt for Escaped Penguin

Humboldt penguin fled Tokyo Sea Life Park aquarium

(Newser) - It sounds like the premise of a Disney movie, and hopefully it will have a happy ending: Aquarium officials are searching for a penguin who fled from the Tokyo Sea Life Park and was last seen swimming "at a tremendous speed" in a river headed toward Tokyo Bay. The... More »

Scientists Lose Track of 'Happy Feet' Penguin

Transmitter probably fell off, trackers hope

(Newser) - The story of "Happy Feet," the wayward emperor penguin that turned up in New Zealand, has captivated the world, but we may never know how it ends. The young penguin was returned to the wild last week and a transmitter that was attached to him has stopped relaying... More »

Lost Penguin Moved to NZ Zoo

Health is suffering after 2K-mile trek from home

(Newser) - Conservation officials in New Zealand have decided against letting nature take its course with a young Emperor penguin who turned up on a beach 2,000 miles from his Antarctic home. The penguin—nicknamed "Happy Feet"—was moved to a zoo in Wellington after his health appeared to... More »

Fossil of 5-Foot-Tall Penguin Found in Peru

Creature, dubbed 'Water King,' lacked tuxedo coloring

(Newser) - It sounds both adorable and fearsome: A red penguin that stands nearly five feet tall. Researchers in Peru have unearthed the fossil of just such a creature, a giant penguin that waddled its way around the world some 36 million years ago. The creature may have lacked the modern bird... More »

Aussie Snipers Guard Penguins

(Newser) - Sharpshooters with night-vision goggles have been dispatched to protect a penguin colony near Sydney, Australia, the BBC reports. The mutilated bodies of nine fairy penguins—the world's smallest penguin species at just 15 inches high—from the vulnerable colony have been found over the last two weeks. Wildlife officials have... More »

New Zealand Hosts 'Penguathlon'

Event draws attention to world's penguin capital

(Newser) - Penguins and people are swapping places at New Zealand’s Penguathlon, a sort of penguin Olympics. As the birds face off in icy versions of soccer, Frisbee, surfing and waddle races, spectators are invited to try waddling themselves in giant penguin feet. The month-long event is meant to showcase how... More »

Forget Snakes: Penguins Get Their Plane Ride

Flightless birds fly home with a little help from Brazil

(Newser) - The wayward penguins marooned on Brazil's beaches got a one-way ticket home over the weekend, but ferrying hundreds of birds 2,000 miles is no simple feat, explains Nina Shen Rastogi in Slate. After being fed and tagged, 399 Magellanic penguins were crated and loaded aboard an Air Force plane... More »

Baffled Brazilians Rescue Wayward Penguins

Country's beachgoers grapple with invasion of cute birds from Argentina

(Newser) - Every year a few Magellanic penguins, native to southern Argentina, accidentally make the 2,000-mile trip to the beaches of Brazil. But this year the influx is looking less like a wayward few and more like an invasion, with sunny beaches overrun by more than 1,000 exhausted and starved... More »

Norway Knights King Penguin

Military, royalty honor beloved bird with grand ceremony

(Newser) - Nils Olav, an honorary colonel-in-chief of the Norwegian King’s Guard—and a 3-foot-tall king penguin—was knighted today by Norway's King Harald V, the AP reports. Nils, named after former Norwegian King Olav V, caught the attention of the guards while they were touring the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland... More »

8 Signs the Animal Kingdom Is in Trouble

On land, at sea, and in sky, planet's woes threaten inhabitants

(Newser) - Biologists have mounting evidence that human activity is causing real damage to the natural world. LiveScience lists overlooked indications that things are seriously out of whack.
  1. Earlier migration: Several bird species are getting their timing wrong.
  2. Jellyfish rule: The creatures are hitching rides on ships.
More »

Hundreds of Penguins Found Dead in Rio

Cause of influx mysterious

(Newser) - More than 400 penguins, most of them only babies, have been found dead on the tropical beaches of Rio de Janeiro over the past 2 months—an unusual and as-yet unexplained phenomenon, the AP reports. While Brazil’s beaches are no stranger to the occasional penguin—dead or otherwise—the... More »

Penguin Takes the Plunge in a Wetsuit

Custom dive gear puts balding bird back in the swim

(Newser) - A wetsuit for a penguin might  sound as useful as a fur coat for a bear, but it was just the thing for an elderly penguin at San Francisco's Academy of Sciences who was losing his feathers, reports AP.  A suit designed by dive experts made it possible for... More »

SEALs to Get Swimming Gizmo

New device will help fighters swim up to 150% faster and arrive less tired

(Newser) - Navy SEALs will be swimming to their targets up to 150% faster when they get a new Pentagon gizmo called a PowerSwim. It looks like a mini-glider that attaches to a diver's legs, Popular Mechanics reports. SEALs reportedly take about 2 hours to master it; they have to learn a... More »

Giant Penguin Fossils Found in Peruvian Desert

Spearfishing birds waddled the earth 36 million years ago

(Newser) - Penguins haven't always lived on ice, scientists have concluded after unearthing fossils of giant penguins in Peru's Atacama desert. The penguins, nearly human-sized at 4.5 feet tall, had extraordinarily long beaks apparently used for spearfishing, and waddled the earth some 36 million years ago, the National Geographic News reports.... More »

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