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Surfer Loses Hands to Shark

2 great whites killed after Western Australia attack

(Newser) - A 23-year-old surfer in Western Australia has lost both hands and one arm from the elbow down in a shark attack that has renewed debate on the state's controversial shark cull policy . A witness says Sean Pollard believed he had been attacked by two bronze whaler sharks in a... More »

Australia to End Shark Cull Program

No more baited hooks, but government will still go after 'rogue' sharks

(Newser) - Authorities in Western Australia are scrapping their controversial shark-cull program, reports the BBC . The idea was to catch sharks using baited hooks on drum lines in order to keep beaches safe, but a review by the government's Environmental Protection Authority found little evidence that it worked. In a test... More »

Australia Captures 172 Sharks, 0 Great Whites

50 of biggest are killed

(Newser) - Australia killed 50 big sharks in the first test of its controversial shark cull program , though none were great whites—the type blamed for the attacks on swimmers that sparked the cull in the first place, reports ABC News of Australia . The government set baited hooks near seven beaches in... More »

Cull Begins: Australia Lures, Kills 1st Shark

Conservation groups slam 'waste of life'

(Newser) - The first shark has been killed off Western Australia under a controversial new policy aimed at protecting swimmers from attacks. A large tiger shark attracted by a baited line was shot in the head several times and its body was dumped at sea, reports the Western Australian . Thousands of people... More »

4 Stories