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Plan to Split California Fails to Make Ballot

But millionaire backer is challenging that ruling

(Newser) - California looks destined to remain one big state instead of six smaller ones. A Silicon Valley venture capitalist failed to collect enough signatures to qualify his "Six Californias" plan as a ballot initiative in November 2016, reports the LA Times . Tim Draper, who poured more than $5 million of... More »

'6 Californias' Breakup Plan Headed for Ballot

Measure gets 800K signatures, will likely see 2016 vote

(Newser) - A measure that will let Californians vote on abolishing California appears to be headed for 2016 ballots. Billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper says he has gathered enough signatures for his " Six Californias" plan to go ahead and he plans to file them with state authorities today, reports Reuters . His... More »

Split California Into 6 States? Petition Moves Ahead

Venture capitalist gets go-ahead to start collecting signatures

(Newser) - Californians may soon get a chance to vote on splitting their state into six smaller ones, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Venture capitalist Tim Draper has gotten formal approval to start collecting petitions for his "Six Californias" idea. If he can get about 807,000 names by July 18,... More »

3 Stories