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Anesthesiologist Mocked Sedated Patient, Pays Big

Tiffany Ingham's 'penis tuberculosis' comment was recorded by man's phone

(Newser) - It's not an uncommon practice in the smartphone era: recording instructions you need to recall later. A patient in Virginia says he used his phone to do just that prior to his April 18, 2013, colonoscopy—and accidentally left it recording during the whole procedure. Upon pressing play on... More »

Study Delves Into Horrors of Waking Up During Surgery

Finds that the worst part for many patients is the paralysis

(Newser) - "It felt as though nothing would ever work again—as though the anesthetist had removed everything apart from my soul." That's a quote from a woman who woke up during dental surgery some 15 years ago but was unable to move because of the paralyzing drugs she... More »

Doctor Constantly Sexted During Surgery, Say Officials

Seattle anesthesiologist Arthur Zilberstein has been suspended

(Newser) - There's multitasking and then there's the case of Dr. Arthur Zilberstein: The Seattle anesthesiologist has been suspended over a laundry list of allegations including "moral turpitude" and "preoccupation with sexual matters" that are an apparent result of his near-constant sexting—while he was supervising C-sections and... More »

Doctor Gets 10 Years for Sex Assaults in Surgery

Toronto anesthesiologist convicted of assaulting 21 sedated women

(Newser) - One of his victims clapped as George Doodnaught got led away in handcuffs, and it's hard to blame her: The Toronto anesthesiologist got sentenced to 10 years in prison today for sexually assaulting her and 20 other women during surgery. The victims were "sedated but still aware of... More »

4 Stories