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Final Report: Mystery of MH370 'Almost Inconceivable'

ATSB investigators say they 'deeply regret' the Malaysia Airlines plane was never found

(Newser) - The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was officially nixed in January, and now Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigators have submitted their final report , per the BBC . In it, they say it's "almost inconceivable" that, three and a half years after the Boeing 777 plunged into the water... More »

'It Just Can't End Like This:' Search for MH370 Is Over

Plane's fate may remain a mystery forever

(Newser) - The fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the 239 people on board may remain a mystery forever. Malaysian, Australian, and Chinese authorities announced Tuesday that the deep-sea search has ended without finding any trace of the missing plane, Reuters reports. The last vessel has left the search area and... More »

Plane Carrying 6 Disappears Over Lake Erie

No sign of plane in overnight air search

(Newser) - The Coast Guard has found no sign of debris while searching Lake Erie for a small plane carrying three adults and three children that took off from Cleveland, then vanished Thursday night, reports the AP . All passengers attended a Cleveland Cavaliers game before boarding the twin-engine Cessna Citation 525 and... More »

We've Been Searching for MH370 in Wrong Place: Report

Experts believe plane lies north of the search area

(Newser) - The only boat left searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 isn't likely to find it, experts say. A new report from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau says "there is a high degree of confidence" that the plane that disappeared from radar on March 8, 2014, isn't in... More »

Last MH370 Search Boat Departs on Final Mission

It will scan trouble areas for the next month

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania-sized patch of the Indian Ocean has been combed in a $150 million search effort for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370—and that search is now coming to a close with the mystery still unsolved. The last boat still looking for the plane left the Australian port of Fremantle on... More »

MH370 Wing Flap Is Clue to Plane's Last Moments

Wing flap likely hadn't been deployed: ATSB report

(Newser) - A piece of debris holds a big potential clue, or so finds a new report on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. Of the more than 20 pieces of aircraft debris that have been found since MH370 went down in March 2014, three have been verified... More »

Sonar Vehicle Seeking MH370 Crashes Into Volcano

The accident will set the search for the missing plane back by 12 days

(Newser) - A "towfish" sonar vehicle searching for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 didn't find the missing plane, but it did find a 7,400-foot-tall underwater volcano…when it crashed right into it on Sunday, NBC News reports. The towfish was being dragged by a search vessel and scanning the floor... More »

6 Months Later, Still No Answers for Flight 370 Kin

Families, friends continue to grieve for loved ones, seek closure

(Newser) - More than 30 relatives of passengers who were on board missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 gathered at a temple in Beijing today to mark the six-month anniversary of the plane's disappearance, the AP reports. Some family members and friends wore T-shirts that said "Pray for MH370 to return... More »

Could 'Dull Oomph' Be Clue to Missing Jet?

Undersea receivers picked up mysterious noise

(Newser) - Nearly three months later, we still don't know what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370—but right around the time it vanished on March 8, two undersea receivers in the Indian Ocean recorded a strange, low-frequency noise. "It’s not even really a thump sort of a sound—... More »

5th Ping Heard in Jet Search

Officials will analyze latest signal overnight

(Newser) - An aircraft searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane picked up the fifth "ping" detected in recent days , bolstering hopes that searchers are indeed closing in on the plane's location, Reuters reports. The latest signal appears to be from a "man-made source," says the head of... More »

Ships Retrieve Objects in Missing Jet Search Area

Analysis continues, but no debris so far has been linked to the plane

(Newser) - The search for Flight 370 in its new search zone continues to produce tantalizing sightings, but no links to the plane so far. The latest comes from a Chinese military plane that spotted three suspicious objects today with colors that were at least a rough match for those of the... More »

That Theory About a Fire Aboard Flight 370 Is Wrong

Jeff Wise pokes holes in it at Slate

(Newser) - A veteran pilot's theory about what happened to Flight 370 dazzled the Internet yesterday, but aviation writer Jeff Wise is poking holes in it today at Slate . If you missed it, pilot Chris Goodfellow speculated at Google Plus that a fire aboard the missing Malaysian jet caused its disappearance.... More »

What if We Never Find Flight 370?

The AP wonders what might change without wreckage

(Newser) - While experts remain hopeful Flight 370 will still be found, the possibility that it has simply vanished is rearing its ugly head, and the AP poses a troubling question: What if the plane is never found? For one thing, it wouldn't be the first time . For another, it would... More »

Experts: No Way Did China's Radar Miss Malaysia Jet

Radar along northern arc too robust, analysts say

(Newser) - Momentum seems to be building behind one definitive conclusion: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 did not follow the northern arc, or so say a growing chorus of sources. China is among the Asian countries searching that huge arc for the plane, and experts say they'd be amazed if it had... More »

Could the Answer to Jet Mystery Be a Fire?

Chris Goodfellow's theory: Flight 370 pilot was a 'hero' reacting to a fire

(Newser) - There are six theories under investigation regarding the fate of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, reports NBC News , and most will sound familiar at this point: hijacking or pilot suicide, for instance. But there are far more than six theories being floated around, and Business Insider picks up a particularly... More »

Another Jet Mysteriously Vanished in 2003

Boeing 727 left Uganda in 2003 and remains missing

(Newser) - For those suggesting that the disappearance of Flight 370 is unparalleled in aviation history, Vocativ would like to remind them that another large Boeing jet took off from an airstrip in Angola in 2003 and hasn't been seen since. Big difference: That jet had no passengers aboard, but the... More »

Malaysia: Someone Diverted Plane Deliberately

Final signal picked up 7 hours after it went missing

(Newser) - They still have no idea where the missing plane is, but Malaysia authorities now say they're certain that whatever happened was no accident, reports the Washington Post . At a news conference, the prime minister said Flight 370 went off course because of the "deliberate action by someone on... More »

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