Super Tuesday

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California Shakes Up 2020 Primary Contests

State will now vote on Super Tuesday

(Newser) - Super Tuesday, the jam-packed day of presidential primary voting every four years, may get supercharged in 2020 with California joining the pack, bringing along its prize of the most delegates. Gov. Jerry Brown gave his stamp of approval Wednesday to a measure pushing California's primary up to the beginning... More »

Trump's Wins Are Totally Unprecedented

Cruz, Rubio victories may be too little, too late

(Newser) - Super Tuesday wasn't quite the Trump sweep some analysts had predicted, but he still won at least seven states , adding to what the Washington Post describes as a string of victories unprecedented in modern GOP primaries. Because of the divide between Republicans in the Northeast and the South, no... More »

The GOP's Nightmare Is Coming True

Fractured party running out of time to stop Trump

(Newser) - The Super Tuesday results delivered what more than one analyst is calling a nightmarish scenario for the Republican elite: big wins for Donald Trump, major disappointments for Marco Rubio, and enough Ted Cruz victories for him to credibly claim he's the only real alternative to Trump. A round-up of... More »

What's Next for Clinton, Sanders

The road ahead for Sanders doesn't look easy

(Newser) - Is Hillary Clinton now inevitable? She cruised to victory in seven Super Tuesday states plus American Samoa, while Bernie Sanders prevailed in four states and came a very close second in Massachusetts. Here's how analysts see the Democratic race developing in the weeks ahead:
  • The race is all but
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How the Delegate Count Stacks Up

The math is looking good for the front-runners

(Newser) - With the dust settling on Super Tuesday's contests, analysts are taking a close look at the delegate math—and it doesn't look good for candidates not named Clinton or Trump. With 2,353 delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton gained around 457 delegates on Super... More »

Clinton Sweeps the South; Sanders Wins 4

Super Tuesday results

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton scooped up seven states on Super Tuesday in her bid to lock down frontrunner status—but Bernie Sanders had a late flurry of victories himself. When the first polls closed, CNN quickly projected Clinton the winner in Georgia and Virginia—both states she lost to Barack Obama in... More »

Twitter Mocks 'Sad Trombone' Christie at Trump Speech

People couldn't stop commenting on Christie's face

(Newser) - Donald Trump held a celebratory Super Tuesday press conference at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, and the man who introduced him was none other than New Jersey Gov. (and recent Trump endorser ) Chris Christie. "Tonight is the beginning of Donald Trump bringing the Republican Party together for a... More »

Trump Takes 7 States; Cruz Wins 3

Rubio notched a single Super Tuesday win

(Newser) - Donald Trump had his expected strong night on Super Tuesday, but he didn't post a clean sweep. He won seven states—Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, and Vermont—but Ted Cruz defeated him in the senator's own home state of Texas, in neighboring Oklahoma and in Alaska,... More »

Trump's Triumph? What to Watch on Super Tuesday

Both front-runners could be unstoppable after today

(Newser) - Super Tuesday is upon us—and it could be the day that changes the Republican Party forever. With 11 states holding GOP primaries and caucuses, rival candidates are doing their best to dent Donald Trump, but the party establishment fears that the time when his candidacy could be stopped is... More »

How Sanders Stays Alive on Super Tuesday

He's got to win big in certain states and up the delegate count

(Newser) - With Super Tuesday just a day away, these are the hurdles Bernie Sanders needs to clear to remain a viable candidate against Hillary Clinton:
  • He's got to connect with minority voters. And quickly. The New York Times has Clinton—who killed Sanders by an 87-to-13 margin among black voters
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If Rubio Fails to Win a Single State Tuesday, He's Still Alive

He can still pile up delegates, Upshot blog explains

(Newser) - Whether Marco Rubio's aggressive performance in Thursday's debate translates into success on Super Tuesday remains an open question, but the Upshot blog has some hopeful news for his campaign: Even if Donald Trump sweeps all the states in play—and polls suggest he has a decent chance of... More »

What to Watch for in Today's 'Super Tuesday'

6 states hold primary voting

(Newser) - It's Super Tuesday—well, the 2014 midterm version, at least. Today sees voting in Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, Politico reports. Among the races to watch:
  • In Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell faces off against Matt Bevin, and there's little doubt McConnell will win the
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Gingrich: I'm Not Dropping Out

He aims to sweep the South

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich says he's not dropping out, despite increasingly loud calls from Rick Santorum supporters for him to do so. "If I thought [Santorum] was a slam dunk to beat Romney and to beat Obama, I would really consider getting out," Gingrich said in a radio interview... More »

7 Super Tuesday Takeaways

Including how Mitt Romney is like a world-devouring super villain

(Newser) - Now that the dust has cleared, what did we learn on Super Tuesday ? Among the biggest takeaways:
  1. Republicans don't love these guys: "It's almost like a bad version of Goldilocks. Nobody is just right," quips Philip Elliott of the AP . Exit polls showed that a
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Mitt Romney Fails to Land Knockout

Race set to drag on despite Mitt winning 5 states

(Newser) - As the dust from Super Tuesday settles, the good news for Mitt Romney is that he won the most states, including the grand prize of Ohio. But he definitely wasn't crowned the champion. Rick Santorum scored decisive wins, and those victories—plus Romney's narrow margin of victory in... More »

Ron Paul Is Night's Big Loser

'This is a long-term operation,' says stick-with-it candidate

(Newser) - Ron Paul was last night's big loser, coming away from Super Tuesday without a single primary win. His best showing was a second place to Rick Santorum's win in North Dakota, one of the three states along with Idaho and Alaska that Paul targeted. The race was like... More »

Gas Prices, Economy Top Voter Concerns: Exit Polls

Social issues not a major concern, polls find

(Newser) - Super Tuesday voters handed victories to three different candidates, but Republicans in all 10 states shared similar concerns, exit polls found. The economy was the number one issue in every state. Despite the recent focus on social issues, few voters names abortion as their chief concern, and there was little... More »

Georgia Win Keeps Newt Alive

But road ahead looks unclear, even in the South

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich has received a much-needed boost from a big win in his home state—although without even a second-place finish elsewhere, the road ahead looks uncertain. Gingrich took 47% of the vote in Georgia to Mitt Romney's 26%, and Rick Santorum's 20%. More than a third of... More »

Super Tuesday Results: Who Won What

Romney wins Ohio, 5 others; Santorum wins 3; Newt 1

(Newser) - Mitt Romney took the biggest Super Tuesday prize of all, Ohio, by a razor thin margin. The state was called for Romney only after 99.4% of precincts reported, giving him 38% to Rick Santorum's 37%. Earlier, Newt Gingrich got a crucial home-state win in Georgia, while Santorum grabbed... More »

Gingrich: I'm the Tortoise

All candidates focus on moving on

(Newser) - Super Tuesday began with four candidates in the mix, and it ended the same way. All four are focusing on what comes next:
  • Rick Santorum, speaking before Ohio's results were in, said he would pick up a "couple of gold medals" tonight along with a "whole passel
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