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Band Scored $20K Off Silent Spotify Album

But Spotify, alas, has taken it down

(Newser) - Spotify has put an end to a small band's ingenious plan to milk it for money with a silent album—but not before that album racked up a five-figure royalty check. In case you missed it, last month a band called Vulfpeck created a silent album called "Sleepify,... More »

How Band Is Cashing In on Album of Silence

Vulfpeck asks fans to stream 'Sleepify' on Spotify while they sleep

(Newser) - Lots of musicians—notably Thom Yorke of Radiohead —hate Spotify because it pays out a tiny fraction of a cent for every track played. But now a funk band out of Ann Arbor called Vulfpeck has come up with what Quartz calls an "ingeniously simple" way to actually... More »

2 Stories