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20% of Young Adults Steal Streaming Passwords

Cost to the industry per year: $500M, report says

(Newser) - HBO chief Richard Plepler said earlier this year that people swiping HBO Go passwords from family or friends to watch their favorite shows and movies was not a big deal , but he may want to rethink that business concession. A new report by Parks Associates and cited by Consumerist shows... More »

Yes, You Can Get HBO Without Cable (Sort Of)

Cable companies accommodate cord cutters

(Newser) - Are you a would-be cord-cutter who wishes you could buy access to HBO Go without having cable? Well you sort-of can—with a little help from your cable company. Yes, most major cable providers are offering semi-secret packages that include Internet, a token bare-minimum cable package, and HBO, reports Geoffrey... More »

(Some) HBO Shows Headed to Amazon Prime

Sorry, no 'Game of Thrones'

(Newser) - Soon, Amazon Prime customers will be able to stream HBO shows—but before you get too excited, be warned that the announcement mostly applies to older programs. Game of Thrones isn't part of the exclusive deal, though seasons of shows like Girls and Veep will appear some three years... More »

Not Paying for HBO Go? Quit Whining About It

Game of Thrones fans need to cool it: Brian Barrett

(Newser) - Game of Thrones fans freaked out last night when they had technical trouble watching the season four premier on HBO Go. Viewers made their concerns heard online, and HBO responded—in what Brian Barrett notes was a rather sassy tweet . "Having trouble accessing @HBO GO? Send a raven,"... More »

4 Stories