International Space Station

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SpaceX Dragon Returns to Earth With 'Gifts'

Including 12 mice

(Newser) - A SpaceX Dragon capsule returned to Earth on Friday with scientific gifts from the International Space Station, the AP reports. NASA astronaut Kate Rubins waved goodbye as the Dragon slowly flew away Friday morning. Six hours later, the spacecraft parachuted into the Pacific, just off Mexico's Baja California coast.... More »

SpaceX's Latest Launch Scores 2 Wins

Booster's vertical touchdown is the cherry on the sundae

(Newser) - SpaceX successfully launched a critical space station docking port for astronauts early Monday, along with a DNA decoder for high-flying genetic research. As an extra treat, the company brought its leftover first-stage booster back to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for a vertical touchdown—only the second such land landing... More »

Astronaut Just Ran London Marathon —From Space

Tim Peake was strapped to a treadmill aboard the ISS

(Newser) - British astronaut Tim Peake has completed the London Marathon—from 250 miles above the Earth, reports the AP . Peake ran the 26.2-mile race harnessed to a treadmill aboard the International Space Station, with a simulation of the route through London's streets playing on an iPad. He finished in... More »

Space Station Gets Easter Treat

Capsule brings food—and fire ingredients

(Newser) - The six astronauts at the International Space Station got an early Easter treat this weekend with the arrival of a supply ship full of fresh food and experiments. Instead of the usual bunny, Saturday's delivery came via a swan—Orbital ATK's Cygnus capsule, named after the swan constellation.... More »

Grandpa to Break Scott Kelly's Space Record

Jeff Williams will have spent 534 days in space by September

(Newser) - It's a good thing Scott Kelly nabbed two records during his year in space because one will soon be broken. NASA astronaut Jeff Williams—who is rocketing into space on Friday with Russian cosmonauts Alexey Ovchinin and Oleg Skripochka—will become America's most experienced space traveler during a... More »

Astronaut Scott Kelly Grew 2 Inches in Space

But the effect is temporary

(Newser) - NASA will be studying how Scott Kelly's body reacted to almost a year in space, using his twin brother Mark Kelly, who stayed on Earth, as a control. One big difference to note right away: The brothers will no longer be the same height, as they were before Scott... More »

Even Astronauts Dial Wrong Numbers

'Hello, is this planet Earth?'

(Newser) - Everyone has picked up the phone to find a flustered mis-dialer on the line, but it's not every day that that wrong number was punched in from space. British astronaut Tim Peake took to Twitter on Thursday to apologize for what could pass for the most prominent telephone misfire... More »

The Force Awakens Is Even Playing in Space

There's just no escaping Star Wars

(Newser) - For anyone wondering if there's anywhere they can go to escape Star Wars-mania, the answer appears to be a resounding no. reports even astronauts orbiting 250 miles above the Earth will be watching the much-hyped The Force Awakens. "I am told that Star Wars will be... More »

After 4 Tries, 'Santa on His Way' to Space Station

First US shipment since April blasts off

(Newser) - A US shipment of much-needed groceries and other astronaut supplies rocketed toward the International Space Station for the first time in months on Sunday, reigniting NASA's commercial delivery service. If the Orbital ATK capsule arrives at the space station Wednesday as planned, it will represent the first US delivery... More »

8 Cool Facts on Big Day for International Space Station

It's the 15th anniversary of continuous residency at the ISS

(Newser) - Monday marks the 15th anniversary of continuous residency at the International Space Station, the AP reports. The station was launched in 1998, the BBC reports, and first permanent crew moved in on Nov. 2, 2000. It's planned to be decommissioned in 2020. Eight fun ISS facts to celebrate the... More »

Hurricane Patricia Looks Massive From Space

Astronaut Scott Kelly is tweeting words of caution for Mexico

(Newser) - Record-setting US astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted words of warning to Mexico—as well as two truly scary photos of Hurricane Patricia—from aboard the International Space Station Friday, WTVR reports. "Hurricane Patricia approaches Mexico," he writes in one tweet . "It's massive. Be careful!" "... More »

India's Glowing Border Is Visible From Space

Thanks to nearly 1,200 miles of floodlights

(Newser) - An astronaut above the International Space Station has captured a stunning image of what NASA refers to as "one of the few places on Earth where an international boundary can be seen at night." The Sept. 23 image shows the glowing, snaking border between India and Pakistan, visible... More »

Why Lego Went to Space Today

26 figurines accompanied first Dane in space

(Newser) - It's one huge journey for a Lego man: Three astronauts blasted off for the International Space Station this morning, including Andreas Mogensen, who's now the first Dane in space. Lego is one of his country's most famous products and Mogensen is bringing 26 Lego figurines bearing the... More »

Our ISS Astronauts Drink Recycled Russian Pee

US astronauts happy to take it off their hands

(Newser) - Every drop of water counts aboard the International Space Station, and drinking recycled urine is a fact of life—if you're an American astronaut. The Russian astronauts don't recycle their pee for their own consumption, though like other astronauts, they recycle condensate from all the breath and sweat... More »

Astronauts to Chow Down on First Food Grown in Space

Today's ISS salad comes with romaine lettuce and a citric-acid-sanitizer dressing

(Newser) - In May, the first fresh cup of coffee was brewed on the International Space Station. Today, ISS astronauts will enjoy another fresh debut: a meal made with the first food grown in outer space. On the menu will be a salad made out of microgravity-grown romaine lettuce, washed with a... More »

Space Station's New Experiment: Aging Whisky

Japanese maker Suntory is sending up samples to see how they turn out

(Newser) - Just imagine what Don Draper could do in the ad pitch: Renowned Japanese whisky maker Suntory is sending up booze to age for at least a year on the International Space Station, reports the Wall Street Journal . The idea is to see what effect zero gravity has on the process,... More »

Sushi-Bearing Astronauts Reach ISS Safely

Successful launch doubles station's population

(Newser) - A Soyuz space capsule carrying a Russian, an American, and a Japanese astronaut docked smoothly with the International Space Station today. The capsule connected to the orbiting laboratory 250 miles above Earth early this morning, almost six hours after it lifted off from a Russian-manned launch facility in Kazakhstan. The... More »

ISS Astronauts Flee Flying Russian Space Debris

It was too late to do 'evasive maneuver' by the time they got word from NASA

(Newser) - American astronaut Scott Kelly and two Russian cosmonauts shacked up at the International Space Station had to scurry out of the way of flying space debris after a chunk of a Russian weather satellite sped by earlier today, AFP reports. The men hurried into the Soyuz spacecraft, which ferries them... More »

Guy Snaps Crazy Photo of Space Station Flyby

ISS was only visible for third of a second in front of Aussie's lens

(Newser) - All it took for Dylan O'Donnell to capture this image from his perch in southeastern Australia of the International Space Station (visible in the upper-right part of the frame) passing in front of the moon: a Canon camera set to burst mode, a Celestron telescope, and a quick eye,... More »

After 2 Misfires, Space Station Finally Gets Fresh Supplies

Russian Progress M-28M docked successfully this morning

(Newser) - An unmanned Russian cargo ship has docked successfully at the International Space Station, where it was anxiously awaited by the US-Russian crew after the successive failures of two previous supply missions. The Progress M-28M ship, which is carrying 2.5 metric tons of fuel, oxygen, water, food, and other supplies,... More »

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