goblin shark

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Photos of Freakish Shark Reveal Another Big Find

Isopods signal 'whalefall' at bottom of Gulf

(Newser) - Researchers studying photos of a rare goblin shark hauled up in the Gulf of Mexico last month say they've spotted something just as exciting—and just as weird-looking—in the shrimpers' catch. Mixed in with the shrimp are unusually large numbers of giant isopods, a deep-sea creature that resembles... More »

Rare, Freakish Shark Caught in Gulf

Fishermen accidentally haul in a goblin shark

(Newser) - Shrimpers in the Gulf of Mexico found a decidedly unshrimp-like creature in their haul last month: a rare and strange-looking goblin shark, reports the Houston Chronicle . While a bit more common in deep waters off Japan, this is only the second one ever spotted in the Gulf, notes the National... More »

2 Stories