Isla Vista

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Man Arrested Who Claimed to Be 'Next Elliot Rodger'

Keshav Bhide said everything UCSB shooter did was 'perfectly justified'

(Newser) - A 23-year-old University of Washington student is facing felony harassment and cyberstalking charges after police say he threatened to kill women at the school and "execute the same thing" as Elliot Rodger , who killed six people during a shooting rampage in Santa Barbara last month. Police were tipped off... More »

Rodger's Parents Knew He Was Mentally Ill by Age 8

'He was as withdrawn as any person I ever met': family friend

(Newser) - For the parents of Elliot Rodger, their son's mental health was always a concern , those close to them tell the New York Times . As his parents were divorcing when he was approaching age 8, his mother, Li Chin, sought additional child support for her "high-functioning autistic" son, while... More »

Police Knew of Rodger's 'Disturbing' Videos in April

Did not find cause to watch them after 10-minute welfare check

(Newser) - Police are now confirming they were aware as early as late April that Elliot Rodger posted "disturbing" videos online, but didn't watch them, even after a visit to Rodger's apartment weeks before the Isla Vista shooting. Four deputies, a UC Santa Barbara police officer, and a dispatcher... More »

Critic: Shooter's 'Delusions Inflated' by ... Rogen Movies

Actor 'horribly' insulted, hits back at WaPo movie critic

(Newser) - In a column Sunday, Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday suggested that Hollywood contributed to the feelings of the Isla Vista shooter —who declared in a video that he would take revenge on women who rejected him—and Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow aren't happy that Hornaday specifically... More »

Path to Massacre Lined With Lotto Tickets, Coffee Attacks

Shooting was second such attack in Isla Vista

(Newser) - When Elliot Rodger turned 19 in 2011, he decided that if he couldn't find "love, sex, friends, fun, acceptance, (and) a sense of belonging" in two years, then he would have his "Day of Retribution," his manifesto/memoir reveals. His quest for those things didn't go... More »

5 Stories