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This Could Be a Novel Way to Conquer Cocaine Addiction

Scientists devise a genetically engineered skin graft that works in mice

(Newser) - Could a skin graft help cocaine addicts get clean? Scientists at the University of Chicago say their novel approach has worked in mice, reports New Scientist . And if this translates to humans, it could be a game changer, though the remedy is specific to cocaine addiction. In a new study... More »

Frat Pledge Says He Needed Skin Grafts After Hazing

Johnson & Wales student sues, saying flesh necrotized after 'torturous' TKE ritual

(Newser) - He was branded, hit with wooden paddles, burned with cigarettes, made to eat raw onions and butter until he vomited, and then forced to shower in that vomit—and his resulting injuries were so bad he needed skin grafts afterward. Those are the claims of a Rhode Island student who... More »

Man Accused of Stealing $350K Worth of Skin

Salesman exploited position at hospital, say cops

(Newser) - Some men steal diamonds. Some men steal art. Gary Dudek is accused of stealing something far stranger: Human skin. The 54-year-old was a salesman for Organogenesis, a Massachusetts company that sells skin grafts, and he managed accounts for Mercy Philadelphia Hospital, NBC News reports. In that role, officials say he... More »

3 Stories