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Candidate Caught Peeing in Coffee Mug Quits Race

Jerry Bance's indiscretion was captured on video

(Newser) - A Toronto businessman who had been running for Parliament with Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's party made the wrong kind of splash and is out of the race after being caught on video urinating in a coffee cup. The tinkling tale of Jerry Bance, who had been filmed while... More »

German Judge Backs Men's Right to Pee Standing Up

Landlord went after tenant over floor damage

(Newser) - A German court has ruled that a tenant who liked to pee standing up doesn't owe his landlord money for damages apparently caused by missing his target. The Duesseldorf administrative court rejected the landlord's claim of $2,200 for damage to the bathroom's marble floor, the dpa... More »

Study: Mammals Big, Small Pee in About 21 Seconds

Above 6.5 pounds, urination duration doesn't scale with size

(Newser) - Ever wonder why it doesn't take elephants an hour to pee? Well someone did. After studying mammals of all walks of life at Zoo Atlanta, scientists discovered that, aside from those that weigh 6.5 pounds or less, it takes the rest of us mammals on average 21 seconds... More »

3 Stories