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Gored 2 Times by Bulls, American Ready to Run Again

Bill Hillmann says Hemingway's 'The Sun Also Rises' inspired his annual Pamplona

(Newser) - An American gored two times already while running with the bulls in Spain is willing to risk a third time, People reports. Author Bill Hillmann was living his Ernest Hemingway fantasy in northern Spain on Saturday when a bull gored his buttocks and tossed him in the air. The Chicago... More »

Author on How Not to Get Gored by Bulls ... Is Gored by Bull

American seriously injured at Pamplona fest says he’ll do the run again

(Newser) - Bill Hillmann had one job at Pamplona, and it’s a job that in theory he should’ve nailed. The Chicago resident, 32, was seriously injured this morning at Spain’s weeklong “running of the bulls” after he tripped and was gored in the right thigh by one of... More »

2 Stories