Fort Worth

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Anti-LGBT Pastor Resigns Amid Prostitute Allegations

Donnie Romero, who called Pulse Orlando victims 'scum,' allegedly paid for sex, used drugs

(Newser) - The website for Fort Worth's Stedfast Baptist Church describes it as an "old-fashioned" institution that goes in "hard against sin" and "stands for the old paths and zero compromise preaching." Its notorious founder, however, who railed against the Pulse nightclub victims as "perverts" and... More »

Cops: Man Got a Bit Too Fired Up Over Wife's Music

Gary Lykins accused of shooting her laptop after she played loud tunes

(Newser) - A Texas man who made a solemn vow to stay with his wife for better or for worse apparently didn't take into account that she might one day blast loud music from her laptop, and that he wouldn't like it. The Star-Telegram reports that 44-year-old Gary Lykins holed... More »

Texas School Nixes Birthday Spankings

Some parents are baffled by the decision to end the eight-year tradition

(Newser) - A playful tradition has been slapped down at Alvord Elementary School in Alvord, Texas. Students at the school will no longer receive light-hearted birthday spankings. Principal Bridget Williams, who has been doling out the spankings for the last eight years, will be handing out high fives or hugs instead, reports... More »

New Video Seems to Show Cop Shooting Man in Back

Footage contradicts what Fort Worth PD said after July shooting of David Collie: attorney

(Newser) - A black Texas man was shot over the summer and paralyzed during an incident with two police officers, and a newly released dashcam video appears to show one of the cops shooting him in the back as he was walking away from them, CNN reports. Attorney Nate Washington posted the... More »

Cop Arrests Woman Who Called Police About Assault on Son

The officer has been placed on restricted duty

(Newser) - A white Texas police officer was placed on restricted duty Thursday while an internal investigation looks into a videotaped incident showing the officer wrestling a black woman to the ground before arresting her and her two teenage daughters, the AP reports. The Fort Worth officer, whose name hasn't been... More »

Tennis Ball-Sized Hail Kills Birds at Fort Worth Zoo

Flamingos, ducks, pelican struck down

(Newser) - Severe storms hit the Fort Worth area Thursday morning, bringing hail that killed some of the birds in the city's zoo and forced it to delay opening. A zoo spokesperson tells Fox 4 News that at least two ducks, a pelican, and four or five flamingos were killed when... More »

Officer Pepper-Sprays Passing Bikers in Viral Video

He's been placed on administrative duty

(Newser) - Police in Fort Worth, Texas, are investigating after a video surfaced showing an officer firing a burst of pepper spray at a group of motorcyclists on a highway. Members of the group say about 200 motorcyclists were traveling on Highway 287 around 3pm Sunday when an officer pulled over a... More »

17 Elephants Board Plane, Escape Death

Animal activists cry foul

(Newser) - A cargo plane packed with 17 African elephants touched down in Texas over the weekend, CNN reports, with the pachyderms headed to zoos in Dallas, Kansas, and Nebraska. The transfer to the US was a "rescue mission," Dallas Zoo President Gregg Hudson says, because the elephants were slated... More »

Cops: Guys Try to Steal Car With Detective in It

Well-thought-out plan does not succeed

(Newser) - It must have seemed like easy pickins: Police say two men in suburban Fort Worth spotted a car warming up outside a home early yesterday morning and tried to steal it. The first problem was that, unbeknownst to them because of the still-frosted windows, the owner was inside, reports Reuters... More »

Evicted Funeral Home Leaves Bodies Behind

Cops find several decaying corpses in Texas building

(Newser) - Police who found at least seven corpses in a building in Fort Worth, Texas, yesterday quickly determined there was no serial killer at work—but there were funeral directors who had apparently moved out with work unfinished. Police say the building's owner evicted the Johnson Family Mortuary two weeks... More »

Winter Weather Hits ... Just About Everywhere in US

Philadelphia gets a record 8 inches

(Newser) - It's not often the whole US feels serious winter weather at once—but that's what's happened over the past few days, meteorologists say. "This literally spreads across the entire US, and we're 12 days from the official start of winter," one tells CNN . Yesterday,... More »

Contractor Demolishes ... the Wrong House


(Newser) - A demolition company has mistakenly torn down a three-bedroom home in North Texas—rather than the condemned building next-door. David Underwood and his wife placed their Fort Worth house on the market with the intention of moving into the retreat they purchased near the shores of Lake Worth. But when... More »

Coming Soon: First-Ever US-Made Smartphone

Motorola's Moto X to be assembled in Texas

(Newser) - For the first time, a smartphone will be manufactured in the United States, and Motorola is going to be the company to do it. Moto X, which will be made at a Fort Worth, Texas, plant employing some 2,000 people, will be released before the close of 2013, Motorola... More »

Cops Tase Lady Liberty

She wouldn't leave traffic median

(Newser) - It must have been quite a sight: A Fort Worth police officer Tased Lady Liberty three times at a busy intersection, reports the Dallas Morning News (as spotted by Boing Boing ). The good lady was actually a 19-year-old guy dressed in costume and waving to drivers on behalf of... More »

Suspect Thrown in Cop Car Ends Up Stealing It

He manages to roll down back window in handcuffs

(Newser) - After they nabbed a man suspected of burglary, Texas police ended up as theft victims themselves. Authorities in the city of White Settlement detained a man reportedly stealing from an antiques shop, leaving him in their car while they spoke to the store's owner. Despite his handcuffs, Darren Douglas... More »

School Spells Own Name Wrong for Years

A Fort Worth elementary school had one too many i's

(Newser) - They may teach little kids their ABCs, but for the past nine years a school in Texas has misspelled its own name. The Sunrise Elementary School in Fort Worth added McMillian to its title in 2003 to honor its first teacher. But it turns out Mrs. McMillan did not possess... More »

Fort Worth May Refuse to Hire Smokers

City considers ban

(Newser) - It's one thing for a hospital to refuse to hire smokers —but an entire city? Fort Worth is considering the idea, and there has been—of course—some backlash. "I think it's an infringement on the public's rights to live their life the way they... More »

Images From Dallas Tornadoes

No fatalities reported

(Newser) - About a dozen injuries have been reported so far from the swarm of tornadoes that hit Dallas today, with at least two of the victims "severely" hurt, reports AP . Hundreds of flights were canceled at the Dallas airport, and more than 100 planes were damaged by hail. Click here... More »

Tornadoes Rip Dallas: 'It's Throwing 18-Wheelers'

No word yet on injuries

(Newser) - Tornadoes tore through the Dallas area today, tearing roofs off homes, tossing trucks into the air and leaving flattened tractor trailers strewn along highways and parking lots. (Video from MSNBC in the gallery begins, "Hey guys, it's throwing 18-wheelers.") The National Weather Service reported at least... More »

Councilman's Plea to Gay Teens Goes Viral

'Things will get easier,' says Fort Worth's Joel Burns

(Newser) - It's a viral video of the right kind: a Fort Worth city councilman's heartfelt speech on the suicides of gay teens is a certifiable Internet smash, notes AOL News . As in, more than 560,000 views and counting of Joel Burns' address in two days. "Yes high school was... More »

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