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'Genius' Sperm Donor, Who's Schizophrenic, Turns Self In

Christian Aggeles, who looked good on paper, has fathered more than 36 children worldwide

(Newser) - How often are sperm donors vetted, and how often do they get away with enhancing their positive traits? It's a question at the heart of ongoing lawsuits involving James Christian (Chris) Aggeles, who donated his sperm to Georgia-based Xytex Corp. years ago and fathered 36 children between 2000 and... More »

The Fastest Way to Tell if Someone's a Narcissist

Just ask

(Newser) - By definition, narcissists spend a lot of time focused on themselves. So it should be no surprise that the fastest way to tell if someone is a narcissist is simply to ask them. Researchers compared the gold-standard 40-item diagnostic test to one question: "To what extent do you agree... More »

2 Stories