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Shed or House? It's Yours for Just Under $1M

The one-bedroom, one-bath property was originally listed at $1.15M

(Newser) - A 595-square-foot Southern California cottage with one bedroom and one bathroom is on the market for just under $1 million, according to the AP . The Orange County Register reports the price of the tiny abode in tony Laguna Beach dropped to $998,900 this month after being listed for as... More »

They Earn $12K a Year, Are on Path to Owning Their Home

Inside Detroit's Tiny Homes Project

(Newser) - Detroit is awash with abandoned homes, which left the Rev. Faith Fowler a bit on the defensive about why she built seven brand new ones. But there's something special about hers: They're tiny, and the first part of an envisioned tiny home village where low-income Detroiters can not... More »

The Tiny House Movement: a Dream or a Facade?

Mark Sundeen delves into the movement for 'Outside' magazine

(Newser) - There's a big revolution afoot that involves the least amount of livable square footage possible. In Outside magazine, Mark Sundeen takes on the tiny-house movement, a push that's evolved from "hipster alternative to mainstream phenomenon faster than an Amish barn raising." Sundeen, who's lived small... More »

'Tiny House' Movement Has a Little Secret

Lots of people upsize after realizing they're too cramped, says op-ed

(Newser) - It's tough to argue with the merits of the "tiny house" movement as proponents radically downsize and shun their materialistic ways. But Erin Anderssen has a piece of advice for those who feel themselves being swayed by a convert: Wait about a year and check back with that... More »

Student's Tiny Digs: 170 Square-Foot House He Built

Christopher Cerk living off the grid for his last 2 years at University of Michigan

(Newser) - A University of Michigan computer science junior has moved into a 170-square-foot home he built himself. Christopher Cerk, 21, loaded the tiny house on a trailer and hauled it with him for the start of fall classes, the Ann Arbor News reported yesterday. "Around freshman year I didn't... More »

Be Honest, 'Tiny House' People: Isn't It Too Tiny?

Blogger wonders if design magazines are overselling this a bit

(Newser) - You've probably seen a magazine spread or two about the "tiny house" movement, maybe even felt a twinge of envy toward those who've turned their back on wasted space to embrace uber-efficient living. Well, Lauren Modery provides your antidote in an essay at Medium addressed to tiny-house... More »

To Ease Homelessness, Portland Eyes Micro-Homes

One design costs $20K—just over annual cost of an emergency shelter room

(Newser) - It isn't cheap for Portland, Ore., to house its sizable homeless population. An emergency shelter room costs $16,000 a year and lacks basic plumbing, and there aren't enough rooms to prevent 2,000 people from setting up shelters under bridges, on sidewalks, and in abandoned lots throughout... More »

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