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Philadelphia Bans Asking About Salary History

Mayor says he wants to end wage discrimination

(Newser) - Despite a threat from cable giant Comcast to take legal action, Philadelphia has banned employers from asking potential hires to provide their salary history, a move supporters say is a step toward closing the wage gap between men and women. Mayor Jim Kenney signed the measure, saying he's confident... More »

Mass. Passes Nation's 'Strongest Equal Pay Law'

It bars employers from asking for applicants' pay history

(Newser) - Massachusetts "just took a big step toward closing the wage gap" with "the strongest equal pay law in the country," as Mother Jones puts it. Gov. Charlie Baker signed a new law Monday ensuring employees can speak openly about their wages, helping to uncover pay gaps, and... More »

Hollande Slashes French CEOs' Pay

New prez Hollande will cap salaries at state-owned firms

(Newser) - With France's new socialist president François Hollande moving in, it looks like sky-high CEO salaries are moving out, reports the Wall Street Journal . Hollande has promised to cap executive pay at the 52 companies owned or partially owned by the state, limiting them to a maximum of 20... More »

Gender Pay Gap Persists at CEO Level, Too

Women CEOs still earn up to two-thirds less than male chief execs

(Newser) - When it comes to equal pay for equal work, female CEOs have yet to level the playing field, either, blogs Jena McGregor in BusinessWeek. Women at the top today earn 85% of what their male counterparts make—$1.75 million compared with $2.1 million at the median—even though... More »

Salary Gender Gap May Be All in Your Head

Traditional-minded men outearn supporters of equal pay

(Newser) - Not only is the gender gap in pay persistent, it affects men as well as women. Men with traditional views on a woman's place in the world earn, on average, $12,000 more per year than men who believe in egalitarian business practices, the Washington Post reports. Traditionally minded women... More »

Ivy Leaguers Start Ahead, Stay Ahead

Take that English degree to Wall Street and you'll still cash in

(Newser) - How much you make correlates with where you went to school, a new study finds. Bachelor’s degree holders’ salaries grow at the same rate over the first decade of their careers regardless of the school, the Wall Street Journal reports, but Ivy League graduates’ median starting salary is 32%... More »

Job Market Shrinks for Lawyers

Lots of new grads, but big salaries are hard to come by

(Newser) - Lawyers are entering the work force in record numbers, but demand—and salaries—aren't keeping up. Law schools advertise six-figure starting salaries for grads, but these wages materialize only for those from elite schools or at the top of their class, the Wall Street Journal reports. For the rest, $20-an-hour... More »

In Workplace, Haggling Widens Gender Gap

Study shows women's smoother elbows may be holding them back

(Newser) - Women are less likely to initiate negotiations for promotions and raises, which may help explain salary and career gaps between the genders, according to new research. "There is an economic rationale to negotiate, but you have to weigh that against social risks of negotiating,"' one researcher says.... More »

8 Stories