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James Woods Targets Parents of Gender Nonconforming Boy

'I never expected to get mom-shamed by James Woods'

(Newser) - "My brain couldn’t register that James Woods ... was saying that my sweet, happy, harmless 10-year-old son will eventually kill us," Lori Duron tells HuffPost . Duron has written an award-winning book and blog about raising her son CJ, who's identified as gender nonconforming since he was 5.... More »

Teen Sues to Retake DMV Photo With Makeup

Chase Culpepper wears makeup and women's clothing

(Newser) - A 16-year-old in South Carolina wants a driver's license photo redo—but not to look better. Chase Culpepper, who describes himself as "gender nonconforming," says he wears makeup and women's clothing and jewelry every day, and that when he was forced to take off the makeup... More »

2 Stories