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After Scathing Editorial, a Denver Post Editor Resigns

Chuck Plunkett says management nixed a 2nd editorial he had planned for this weekend

(Newser) - In what he calls a "terribly sad day," the editorial page editor of the Denver Post tendered his resignation Thursday, the culmination to a tumultuous month at the paper. Chuck Plunkett's departure was announced in an email from Lee Ann Colacioppo, the paper's editor, per the... More »

Newspaper Editor Canned After Twitter Kerfuffle

Denis Finley of 'Free Press' said Vt. driver's license change on gender would bring on 'apocalypse'

(Newser) - Denis Finley has taken to Twitter to call Politico a "whore," sniff about David Letterman's upcoming Netflix show featuring Barack Obama, and call for the destruction of all office buildings, but it was his tweets about a potential change to Vermont's driver's licenses that cost... More »

NPR's Top Editor Resigns in Sex Misconduct Scandal

2 women say incidents happened while he was at 'NYT'; one woman is a current NPR employee

(Newser) - In the wake of Harvey Weinstein news , NPR's news chief is the latest to come under fire for alleged past sexual misconduct—and he's now stepped down from his post. Michael Oreskes, 63, resigned Wednesday, per the AP , after two women told the Washington Post about incidents in... More »

Sex Harassment Claims Bring Down 'Literary Legend'

Leon Wieseltier's new magazine has been axed

(Newser) - Former New Republic literary editor Leon Wieseltier's comeback has abruptly stalled amid accusations of sleazy behavior. Wieseltier, long prominent in social and literary circles and a New Republic editor for three decades, had been installed as editor of Idea, a new literary magazine funded by Laurene Powell Jobs, but... More »

One of the Top Gigs in Publishing Is About to Open Up

Graydon Carter is leaving 'Vanity Fair' after 25 years at the helm

(Newser) - The New York Times says it's not so much a "changing of the guard," but a "regal passage." Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair for the past quarter-century, is stepping down in December, vacating one of the most sought-after positions in publishing. "I... More »

Meet the Most Prolific of All 125K Wikipedia Editors

Justin Anthony Knapp also works 65 hours a week and volunteers

(Newser) - Wikipedia boasts 26 million registered users, though less than 0.5% (125,000) are active editors—and only 12,000 of them have made more than 50 edits in the past six months. Who's the guy at the head of that pack? Justin Anthony Knapp, who in 10 years... More »

Watergate Editor Ben Bradlee Dead at 93

He led 'Washington Post' during coverage that brought down Nixon

(Newser) - The Washington Post reports that its former legendary editor, Ben Bradlee, is dead at age 93. Bradlee led the newsroom during its coverage of the Watergate scandal that culminated in the resignation of Richard Nixon. But the Post itself thinks his "most important decision," made in consultation with... More »

Newspaper: 'We Blew It' With Christie Endorsement

Star-Ledger editor explains how tough endorsements can be

(Newser) - So endorsing Chris Christie for governor wasn't the best idea after all. "We blew this one," writes Tim Moran, editorial page editor at the New Jersey Star-Ledger . To be fair, the editorial board didn't think Christie's team "was crazy enough to put people’s... More »

ABC Newsman Switches Back From Female to Male

Don Ellis suspects females hormones led to his confusion

(Newser) - An ABC News editor who announced he was transgender—and wore a little black dress to match—now says a bout of amnesia has made him a man again, the New York Post reports. Don Ellis became a full-time female in May, when he declared his 17-year marriage kaput and... More »

Model Walks Into Propeller, Loses Hand

LOLO blogger Lauren Scruggs, 23, severely injured in accident

(Newser) - A young blogger and model returning from an aerial Christmas-lights tour walked into the small plane's propeller, which severely slashed her face, arm, and hand. Lauren Scruggs' left hand was amputated at a local Dallas hospital, and the 23-year-old model has undergone several other surgeries since the accident. Scruggs... More »

The New Literary Celebrity: Mark Twain Editors

Volume one of his autobiography was a hit ... and now the pressure is on

(Newser) - When Harriet Elinor Smith was recognized by a fellow BART passenger who had seen her on TV, she was shocked, to say the least. After all, Smith spends the majority of her time not rocking the airwaves, but holed up in a UC Berkeley office, surrounded by centuries-old documents. She's... More »

Car Mag Tweaks Limbaugh: Driving, Oxycontin Don't Mix

'Motor Trend' picks Chevy Volt as car of year; Rush not pleased

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh really, really hates the Chevy Volt, and when Motor Trend named it the 2011 car of the year, he railed against the magazine, asking "How in the world do they have any credibility?" Now a Motor Trend editor has fired back, ThinkProgress reports. “If you can... More »

Jane Austen's Style? Not Actually Jane Austen's

An editor was likely the one to polish her prose, says professor

(Newser) - Jane Austen is known as a “perfect stylist,” but those perfectly crafted sentences may not actually be hers. After studying 1,100 pages of Austen’s handwritten, unpublished manuscripts, an Oxford professor concluded that “the polished punctuation and epigrammatic style … is simply not there,” she... More »

Newser Editors the 'Chefs of the Internet'

'Dilbert' creator loves us, he really loves us

(Newser) - Usually when your humble Newser editors aggregate ourselves, it involves a spat over whether what we do is "stealing" or "news curation." Over at Dilbert.com, creator Scott Adams ignores those niggling details to consider the net result: An aggregator that, though "little more than a... More »

Contributors Flee Wikipedia's Stricter Rules

Effort to combat bias, vandalism has thinned ranks by 49K

(Newser) - In an attempt to rein in the lawlessness and veiled opinion running rampant among its volunteer editors, Wikipedia may have shot itself in the foot. In the first 3 months of this year, there's been something of a stampede of contributors exiting the crowdsourced online encyclopedia, leading to a net... More »

Editor Gets Punchy Over Article—Literally

'2nd worst story' ever pushes vet Post hand to violence

(Newser) - An editorial dispute in the Washington Post newsroom devolved into fisticuffs last week. The item was for the Style section, a department long known for taking an anything-goes attitude toward its reporters. When the story crossed the desk of veteran editor Henry Allen—grumpy about his part-time work and the... More »

German Women's Mag Bans Models

'Whole industry is anorexic,' says fed-up editor

(Newser) - The most popular German women's magazine is banning professional models from its editorial pages. Brigitte will use only "real woman" from now on to illustrate its stories, declared its editor, who said he was "fed up" with having to retouch pictures of underweight models who bear no resemblance... More »

Wales: Wikipedia Changes Exaggerated

Only a few posts will be delayed for approval

(Newser) - Wikipedia's editorial changes aren't so sweeping after all, says co-founder Jimmy Wales. Reports that the open-source encyclopedia would restrict edits to entries on all living people are “just completely wrong," he tells Time. Instead, the site will adopt “flagged revision”—in which edits are checked by... More »

Wikipedia Adds Editor Review for Some Articles

(Newser) - After riding its users to popularity, Wikipedia is now moving to rein them in, the New York Times reports, by mandating editorial review for articles about living people. The feature, called “flagged revisions,” means an experienced editor will check updates to the free, user-generated online encyclopedia. The change... More »

Colbert Guest-Edits Newsweek

Will stay in character as ultra-conservative host

(Newser) - The redesigned Newsweek is trying to drum up some buzz. To that end, editor Jon Meacham brought in its first guest editor: Stephen Colbert. The comedian—in character as the host of The Colbert Report—was at the helm for the next issue and “had input into what the... More »

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