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Stephen Hawking Weighs in on Zayn Leaving One Direction

In an alternate universe, the band remains whole

(Newser) - Stephen Hawking's wealth of knowledge extends well beyond silly matters like space and black holes. He recently took on more consequential matters at a Q&A in Australia—during which he was actually in England, being beamed into the event as a hologram, Buzzfeed reports. One question: "What... More »

7 Musicians Who Quit Their Bands

One Direction fans are far from the first to mourn

(Newser) - With tween girls all aflutter at the news that Zayn Malik has left One Direction , ETOnline has put together a slideshow of a dozen other popular bands that have also lost original members:
  • Backstreet Boys: Kevin Richardson exited the boy band in 2006, and the other four Boys released two
... More »

Gasp: Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction

Says he wants to be a 'normal' 22-year-old guy

(Newser) - It's bombshell news, if you happen to be of a certain age: Zayn Malik said today he is leaving chart-topping boy band One Direction "to be a normal 22-year-old." In an announcement that sent social media into a tizzy, Malik's bandmates said they were sad to... More »

Daily Show Joke Incenses Fans of One Direction

'Directioners' unite after crack about terrorism

(Newser) - Jon Stewart has incurred the wrath of fans of the pop group One Direction with this joke: "Just as you were talking, a new terrorist group formed with one member each from ISIS, al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, Hamas, One Direction, and the Zetas drug cartel." Funny, right? Many fans of... More »

4 Stories