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Reassembly of Shredded Stasi Files Hits a Snag

'We currently don’t have a scanner that we can work with'

(Newser) - "Sometimes, I got so engrossed that I forgot to go home," Elke Kinzel told Pacific Standard back in August. "How could one not get engrossed in such kind of work? It is like you have been given fragments of people's lives and are asked to tell... More »

Polish Dig Unearths Decades of Killings

Discovery of hundreds of bodies prompts little conversation

(Newser) - Polish authorities have been digging up remains behind a prison in the city of Bialystok—and the 280 bodies discovered so far offer a grim reminder of an array of painful periods in the early 20th century. Many of the dead were killed under Nazi or Soviet control, but others... More »

2 Stories