Nazi gold train

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Treasure Hunters to Finally Find That Nazi Gold Train. Maybe

A new search starts Monday in Poland

(Newser) - It's been a year since two treasure hunters claimed to have found a Nazi gold train buried under Poland and yet no Nazi gold train has actually been produced. That isn't stopping a team of 35 people, who plan to resume the hunt Monday, Deutsche Welle reports. Last... More »

Search for Nazi Gold Train Gets Green Light

One big catch: No digging allowed

(Newser) - Investigators have finally been allowed to commence the hunt for a Nazi gold train thought to be buried near the Polish city of Walbrzych—but they're not allowed to dig. Instead, experts will be using measuring equipment and detectors to try to get answers from the embankment that some... More »

New Info on Whereabouts of Nazi Gold Train

Nazi train could be buried, booby trapped, or simply not exist

(Newser) - Nazi gold fever has never been higher in the Polish city of Walbrzych following today's announcement that a tunnel—potentially containing a rumored Nazi train laden with 300 tons of gold, precious stones, and guns—was discovered nearby, CNBC reports. Officials describe the discovery as "a railway tunnel... More »

Hunt for Nazi Gold Train Now Involves Polish Army

Military hopes to confirm there's actually a train to be found

(Newser) - The Polish army, including an explosives unit, will join scores of treasure hunters in the search for the rumored Nazi gold train apparently buried somewhere below Walbrzych . A government rep says the governor of the area asked for help, and "the defense minister decided to send technical equipment to... More »

4 Stories