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He Said a Fat Intruder Killed His Wife. Her Fitbit Said Otherwise

Richard Dabate now charged in wife's 2015 murder

(Newser) - When Richard Dabate called 911 to report that his wife had been fatally shot inside the couple's home in Ellington, Conn., he claimed the masked killer was a "tall, obese man" with a voice like Vin Diesel, who'd also tied up Dabate, according to police. Thanks in... More »

Fitbit Heart Tracker Is Way Off: Lawsuit

Study found it is up to 20 bpm off during exercise

(Newser) - The heart rate tracker technology in fancier models of Fitbit starts to become inaccurate when people start exercising, according to a study included in an amended class-action lawsuit against the company. In a press release , plaintiffs' lawyers say California State Polytechnic University put both Fitbits and ECG sensors on 43... More »

Man's Fitbit Helps Doctors Save His Life

It revealed vital heart data at the hospital

(Newser) - It happens every day—someone going about his or her ordinary schedule has a seizure, gets looked over by a doctor, and hopefully lives to tell about it. Only in the case of a 42-year-old man who went to the emergency room at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in... More »

Layoffs Could Mean Smartwatches Are Running Out of Time

Pebble is letting 25% of its workforce go

(Newser) - Is the smartwatch's time already over? Tech Insider reports Pebble—one of the first companies to release a smartwatch—is laying off 40 employees, about 25% of its total staff. Pebble raised $26 million this year, in addition to the $30 million it has raised on Kickstarter since its... More »

Woman's Fitbit Reveals She's Pregnant

Redditor decoded the wonky data for her husband

(Newser) - A couple in New York City have good news to share thanks to some wonky Fitbit data and a helpful Redditor: They're expecting. YoungPTone, who identifies himself only as David, posted about issues with his wife's Fitbit on a Reddit thread last week, suspecting a problem with the... More »

University Makes Fitbits Mandatory

Data will be sent to central computer

(Newser) - In a move that critics say is more Orwell than Oral, freshmen and transfer students at Oklahoma's Oral Roberts University have been told that Fitbits are now mandatory—and failure to log at least 10,000 steps per day will affect their grades. The Christian university has had physical... More »

Fitbit Has Had a Really Bad Week

Company sees lawsuit, security breach, falling stock

(Newser) - Fitbit devices may have sold like hotcakes around the holidays, but the company is off to a miserable start in 2016. Just how bad has the past week been? Well, on Tuesday, Fitbit revealed Blaze, its new "smart" fitness watch. Immediately the company's stock fell 18%, reports Fortune ... More »

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