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To Keep Your Brain 10 Years Younger, Do a Crossword

Daily puzzling is linked to better memory and reasoning

(Newser) - Use it or lose it, right? Researchers may not be ready to claim that word puzzles can help stave off age-related neurological diseases like Alzheimer's, but a major new study shows that there does appear to be a link between word puzzle play and improved cognition. Analyzing data from... More »

Even Infants Know There Are Known Unknowns

They turn to their caregivers for help when they're stumped

(Newser) - By 20 months of age, many infants are capable of a wide range of skills, from throwing a ball and using a toilet to stringing words together and finding objects. But researchers report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that they now have evidence of babies doing... More »

2 Stories