Brussels attack

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Prosecutor: Man Admits to Being 'Man in Hat' at Airport Bombing

Mohamed Abrini was charged Saturday

(Newser) - Mohamed Abrini, who was arrested Friday in Brussels , reportedly confessed Saturday to being the "man in the hat" long sought by authorities in connection with the attacks that killed 32 people in March, ABC News reports. According to the BBC , a federal prosecutor says the 31-year-old Belgian admitted to... More »

Brussels' 'Man in the Hat' Surfaces in New Video

It shows him in Schaerbeek neighborhood after the attacks

(Newser) - Almost two weeks after admitting they arrested the wrong man , Belgian authorities say the real " man in the hat " has surfaced in surveillance video from after the Brussels attacks. The footage shows the alleged terrorist—wearing a hat, glasses, and a light-colored jacket—leaving the Brussels Airport near... More »

At Least 22 More Suspects Tied to Terror Attacks

'Extensive' terror network that planned Paris, Brussels attacks run out of Belgian district

(Newser) - At least two dozen young Islamic radicals linked to the Paris and Brussels attacks are still on the loose, with investigators trying to penetrate the "extensive web" that may be planning more attacks, a Wall Street Journal investigation finds. Scouring court documents and interviews, the paper finds many of... More »

Brussels Airport Will Partially Reopen Sunday

'This is a sign of hope'

(Newser) - Twelve days after suicide bombs killed 16 people there, the Brussels Airport will reopen—at least partially—on Sunday, Reuters reports. Brussels Airlines will fly three flights—to Greece, Italy, and Portugal—out of the airport that day. "A restart of the operations, even only partially, as quick as... More »

Lawyer: Paris Suspect Ready to Cooperate

Salah Abdeslam to accept extradition to France

(Newser) - A lawyer for Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam says he's finally ready "to cooperate with the French authorities," reports the Independent . At a Thursday hearing in Belgium—where Abdeslam was captured in the basement of a distant relative on March 18—his lawyer says the alleged terrorist... More »

Brussels Youth Are Sent a Text: 'Fight the Westerners'

Extremists step up recruitment efforts after attacks

(Newser) - In the troubled Molenbeek district of Brussels, extremists have spied opportunity in the wake of last week's attacks. Over the weekend, young men in the heavily Muslim neighborhood were sent text messages, reading (in French): "My brother, why not fight the Westerners? Make the right choice in your... More »

Belgium Apparently Arrested the Wrong Man

Suspect freed as they renew search for 'man in the hat' at airport

(Newser) - Belgian authorities thought they had caught the "man in the hat" seen in surveillance photos at the Brussels airport, with authorities openly denouncing the suspect as a terrorist over the weekend. Now it appears they had the wrong man. Authorities released the suspect on Monday and began a new... More »

Hope Proves False: US Couple Confirmed Dead in Brussels

Justin and Stephanie Shults were seeing her mother off at airport

(Newser) - There was one agonizing glimmer of hope, but it turns out that a young American couple missing after the bombing of the Brussels airport were in fact killed in the attack. "We found out today that cowards took my brother's life," wrote Levi Sutton, brother of 30-year-old... More »

Brussels Suicide Bomber Made Bombs for Paris Attacks

Officials had just asked for help finding him

(Newser) - One of the two suicide bombers that killed at least 30 people at the Brussels airport Tuesday was the same man who made two of the bombs used in the terrorist attacks on Paris in November, authorities confirmed Friday. The New York Times identified the man as 24-year-old Belgian citizen... More »

American Brother, Sister Dead in Brussels Attacks

Family of Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski confirms their deaths

(Newser) - Two Americans have been confirmed as being among the dead in the attacks in Brussels earlier this week, an anonymous senior US official tells NBC News . That official remained tight-lipped on their names, but CBS News has a statement from the family of Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski stating the brother... More »

Belgium Admits Major Failures Before Attack

Top ministers offer their resignations

(Newser) - In the aftermath of the Brussels attack , top Belgian officials have admitted that they could have done more to prevent it—including paying attention when Turkey deported Ibrahim El Bakraoui to the European Union and warned that he was a dangerous militant. Authorities have now disclosed that his brother, Khalid... More »

UK Guy Jailed After Asking Muslim Woman to 'Explain Brussels'

He's held 'on suspicion of inciting racial hatred'

(Newser) - A partner at a PR agency specializing in social media landed in jail after tweeting about an encounter on a London street following the Brussels attacks. "I confronted a Muslim women [sic] yesterday in croydon," Matthew Doyle wrote Wednesday in a since-deleted tweet. "I asked her to... More »

Paris Suspect 'Didn't Know' of Brussels Plot

4th, 5th attackers may still be on the run

(Newser) - Salah Abdeslam, the Paris terror suspect whose arrest in Brussels may have triggered Tuesday's carnage , is claiming he knew nothing about the Belgium plot. Outside a Brussels court hearing surrounded by extremely heavy security Thursday, Abdeslam's lawyer said his client had changed his mind about fighting extradition and... More »

Families Say 4 Americans Are Missing From Brussels Airport

A married couple who moved there in 2014 and siblings from New York

(Newser) - Four Americans believed to have been at the Brussels airport on Tuesday remain missing more than 24 hours after the deadly terrorist attack there, according to their families. Married couple Justin and Stephanie Shults, from Tennessee and Kentucky, respectively, moved to Brussels for work in 2014, the AP reports. According... More »

What's Behind the Phenomenon of Brother Terrorists?

Genetics, upbringing likely play a role

(Newser) - Two of the suicide bombers in the Brussels attacks were brothers , which leads Discovery to ask: Why is it relatively common for sets of brothers to become terrorists? The Tsarnaev brothers in the Boston Marathon bombing and the Kouachi brothers in the Charlie Hebdo attack are two recent examples, but... More »

Investigators Find Anxious Note of Brussels Bomber

'I don't know what to do'

(Newser) - One of the two brothers who detonated a suicide bomb in Brussels on Monday was clearly worried about getting caught just prior to the attacks. Authorities revealed a note written by Ibrahim El Bakraoui, 29, that reads: "Being in a hurry, I don't know what to do, being... More »

Iconic Brussels Photo Taken Between Screams for Help

Journalist says she was still in shock

(Newser) - The journalist who took an iconic photo of an injured victim amid Tuesday's explosions in the Brussels airport says she was screaming for help at the time. Georgian journalist Ketevan Kardava tells USA Today she was just feet away from the first blast. "Everyone was covered in blood.... More »

Twin Girls, 3, Survived Airport Blast. Their Mom Didn't

Adelma Tapia Ruiz is one of the first Brussels victims to be named

(Newser) - No Brussels victim's story will be anything less than a tragedy, as the first publicly confirmed casualty—Adelma Tapia Ruiz—demonstrates. A native of Peru, the 36-year-old had called Brussels home for the past nine years and was headed to New York to visit family when the bombs detonated... More »

Brussels Was US Teen's 3rd Terrorist Attack

Mason Wells, 19, suffered shrapnel wounds and burns

(Newser) - Mason Wells, at only 19 years old, has already survived enough terrorist attacks for a lifetime. "This is his third terrorist attack," his father, Chad Wells, tells ABC News . "We live in a dangerous world and not everyone is kind and loving." Mason was one of... More »

Quite Simply, Why Brussels?

Looking at the factors that brought us to Tuesday's attacks

(Newser) - They are the two words headlining article after article: "Why Brussels?" The question isn't isolated to Tuesday's attacks , but a more overarching one reflective of Belgium's emergence as a European terror hub, though at the Independent , John Lichfield writes that until Tuesday, the country has been... More »

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