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Venezuela Is Now Down to a 2-Day Workweek

Though if you're a glass-half-full person, you could consider it a 5-day weekend

(Newser) - Venezuela just cut its workweek once again, and not because someone has been reading Timothy Ferriss . Earlier this month, President Nicolas Maduro gave Fridays off to the public sector to minimize power usage in the ongoing energy crisis. Now, VP Aristobulo Isturiz has announced those same workers—numbering about 2... More »

Venezuela Declares Fridays Are Holidays

At least for a while, to save money on energy

(Newser) - In the US workplace, we have "casual" Fridays; in Venezuela, they now have "don't bother coming in" Fridays. President Nicolas Maduro announced that Fridays for the next 60 days will be official state holidays to save energy in a country that's been plagued by blackouts and... More »

2 Stories