Lilly King

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Let's Ease Up on Demonizing This Swimmer

Case against Yulia Efimova isn't so clear, writes Sally Jenkins

(Newser) - Americans ought to think twice before joining in the gleeful hazing of Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova, writes Sally Jenkins at the Washington Post . In a Cold War-style salvo, US swimmer Lilly King drew cheers at the Rio Olympics when she finger-wagged her Russian rival and called her a drug cheat.... More »

No Choice Left, Athletes Turn to 'Ugly' Self-Policing

Because Olympics officials are too soft on doping: Columnists

(Newser) - Team USA's Lilly King may have drawn more attention with her public dissing of Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova than with the gold medal she won . It was "equally triumphant and ugly, an appropriately uncomfortable ending to an awkward saga that will be repeated throughout these Games," writes... More »

Lilly King Settles Russian Feud, Wins Gold

She defeats Yulia Efimova

(Newser) - This one will surely be seen as a victory for clean athletes over the dopers. No doubt that was Lilly King's take, reports the AP . The feisty American swimmer stared down Yulia Efimova, a rival at the center of Russia's doping scandal, and then beat her in the... More »

3 Stories