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For This Soldier, WWII Didn't End Until 1974

Hiroo Onoda stuck by his orders to never surrender

(Newser) - Deep in the Philippine jungle, a lone soldier continued to fight World War II for three decades, becoming a "figure of legend" while surviving on "bananas, coconut milk, and stolen cattle." Mashable has the incredible true story of Japan's Hiroo Onoda. After the end of WWII... More »

500K US Homes Can't Afford Plumbing

It's yet another threat faced by rural communities trapped in poverty

(Newser) - Americans living in nearly 500,000 homes in the US don't have what the New York Times —in an eye-opening piece—calls "basic dignity." That basic dignity includes running water, a bath or shower, or a working toilet. It's that last one plaguing rural black... More »

Giant Cross to Rise in Texas, 'Like God Is Pointing His Finger'

230-footer in Corpus Christi will be largest in the US

(Newser) - A big cross is going up in Texas, but "big" is a bit of an understatement. When the steel structure is completed in Corpus Christi, perhaps next year, it will stand 230 feet high. As a feature at Texas Monthly explains, that will make it the biggest in the... More »

HGTV Couple's Ultimate Fixer Upper: Waco

Renovation experts Chip and Joanna Gaines have given their hometown a new shine

(Newser) - "The story of Waco is the story of how a city can break your heart." And from David Koresh and the Branch Davidians to biker shootouts and sex assault scandals at Baylor, Waco's heart has been broken again and again. But Taffy Brodesser-Akner, writing at Texas Monthly ... More »

She Served 10 Years Because Her Boyfriend Killed Her Son

Arlena Lindley got out 35 years early: BuzzFeed

(Newser) - The crime itself is unthinkable: A decade ago, Arlena Lindley's boyfriend beat her 3-year-old son to death. But for Lindley, the aftermath managed to get worse: She was convicted of failing to protect her child, and after prosecutors asked for a sentence of 10 years, the judge gave her... More »

Her Art Was Her Photos. She Didn't Take a Single One

'New Yorker' profiles Isabelle Mege, who sought out artists to photograph her

(Newser) - You've likely never heard the name Isabelle Mege unless you're plugged in to select photography circles. But from 1986 to 2008, the French woman was a prolific artist of sorts in the field. Except, as the New Yorker explains, Mege wasn't a photographer herself. She was the... More »

In 2,476 Words, Buzzfeed Dissects Angelina's Calculated Move

Jolie is the ultimate architect of our own impression of her

(Newser) - It's not wholly unexpected that the demise of Brangelina would spur a longform piece, and Anne Helen Petersen provides it at Buzzfeed . In 2,476 words, Petersen takes us on the familiar journey of how the couple came to be and then not be, but does it through the... More »

Chyna Just Couldn't Fend Off Her 'Demons'

Bleacher Report examines how the former wrestler lost her fight to addiction

(Newser) - A cover of Newsweek in 2000 featured two popular pro wrestlers of the era—Chyna and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson." Sixteen years later, Johnson has turned that fame into a big-time movie career. As for Chyna, the biggest female wrestler of all time died earlier this year of... More »

Amazon's Algorithm May Be Costing You Money

ProPublica says its own products often get preferred rankings

(Newser) - ProPublica has a warning for Amazon shoppers, i.e. pretty much everyone who shops: The results that come up first after a search are often not the best deals. Amazon gives preference to its own products or to companies who pay for its services when it comes to picking... More »

China's Hunger for Ginseng Is Wiping It Out in Appalachia

The lucrative root is prized by poachers looking for a quick buck

(Newser) - A gold rush of sorts is taking place in Appalachia, but this one involves the plant ginseng. As a story by Suzy Khimm at Foreign Policy lays out in fascinating detail, the root is a hot commodity in China because of its purported medicinal values, but wild ginseng is practically... More »

Museum 'Must-See' Dedicated to Black History, Culture

'NYT' review of Smithsonian's long-awaited museum, set to open next Saturday

(Newser) - A week from Saturday, a 130-year-old bell from a church erected by slaves will ring to herald the grand opening of a 400,000-square-foot DC museum that's been talked about since 1915, NPR reports. The idea for that museum, the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and... More »

Original Blair Witch Actress Has One Big Regret

With a new sequel out, the original actors, creators talk about their experience

(Newser) - A sequel to the iconic Blair Witch Project of 1999 is opening Friday—the reviews aren't that great —which prompts Emalie Marthe at Broadly to interview the actors and creators from the original about the experience. As becomes clear, it has not been overwhelmingly positive for all. It'... More »

The Man Who Cracked the Code of Altruism Killed Himself

The fascinating story of George Price

(Newser) - If you've heard the name George Price, it's likely in relation to his fame for having produced in the late 1960s an equation to explain altruism. For the record, this is the final version: (wΔz=Cov(wi,zi)+E(wi,zi). Complicated, yes. In fact, "the Price equation is the... More »

Meet 'Bike Batman,' a Real-Life Seattle Avenger

He's a private citizen, and he's very good at getting stolen bikes back

(Newser) - They call him "Bike Batman" around Seattle, and Outside magazine profiles this ordinary citizen who has turned into a superhero of sorts for his skill at reuniting people with their stolen bikes. It generally goes like this: The anonymous do-gooder scans Craigslist and the like for deals on bikes... More »

A Lone Quote Helped Doom Once-Bright Silicon Valley Star

Vanity Fair digs into the fall of Elizabeth Holmes' Theranos

(Newser) - The rise and fall of Theranos , the company that promised to "change the world" with its ability to test for all kinds of diseases from just a pinprick of blood, gets a thorough retelling in Vanity Fair . In the piece, Nick Bilton writes that founder Elizabeth Holmes created an... More »

NFL Could Disappear, and Sooner Than You Think

'Sports Illustrated' imagines a league-less world

(Newser) - Football fans are no doubt thrilled that the new season is under way. They'll be less thrilled to read Austin Murphy's doomsday scenario in Sports Illustrated , written from a not-too-distant future in which the NFL ceases to exist. A sample from the piece datelined with the year 2036:... More »

NFL Kicker's Tale: Brief Fame, a Head Injury, a Life Derailed

Buffalo News recounts plight of Bjorn Nittmo

(Newser) - If the name Bjorn Nittmo happens to ring a bell, it's almost certainly because David Letterman made the NFL kicker a brief celebrity a quarter-century ago. (Letterman loved his name, had him on the show, and made a catchphrase out of, "Who do you think you are, Bjorn... More »

A 1941 Army Base Lynching Remains Unsolved

Pvt. Felix Hall was found hanging from a tree at Fort Benning

(Newser) - On the morning of Feb. 12, 1941, Army Pvt. Felix Hall went to his job at a sawmill near Fort Benning where he was stationed. After his shift ended, he told friends he was going to the Post Exchange, the only place on the segregated Georgia base where a black... More »

Drugs Were Found in Her Car. 'I Have an Enemy,' She Said

How a couple tried, failed to take down a PTA president

(Newser) - Things smelled off to Officer Charles Shaver from the outset. A 911 caller had reported a parent, "Kelli," driving erratically at Plaza Vista Elementary School in Irvine, Calif., on the afternoon of Feb. 16, 2011; the caller saw drugs in her car. As Christopher Goffard writes in "... More »

This 'Super Court' Lets Execs 'Bend Countries to Their Will'

Part I of a four-part BuzzFeed investigation

(Newser) - If you've never heard of investor-state dispute settlement, or ISDS, don't feel chagrined—but prepare to be gobsmacked. BuzzFeed on Sunday published the first in a four-part series on the "private, global super court," a 10,000-word piece by Chris Hamby that represents a year-and-a-half of... More »

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