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Sorry, Dexter: Blood Spatter Analysis May Be Bogus

ProPublica looks at how one man nearly single-handedly created the field

(Newser) - It looks like unassailable science when presented on shows like Dexter or CSI, and, far more significantly, in countless courtrooms across the nation. But as a report in ProPublica explains, the science behind blood-spatter analysis may not be as sound as people think. The story looks at how one man,... More »

When Working for Musk, Beware 'Elon's Rage Firings'

'Wired' recounts volatile outbursts of the Tesla boss

(Newser) - Those fascinated or even mildly interested in the doings of Elon Musk will want to make time for a long and often unflattering profile in Wired by Charles Duhigg. The story paints a picture of a brilliant CEO for whom it can be absolute misery to work. One Tesla manager,... More »

Top Flutist Makes $250K a Year, and Is Suing Over It

Elizabeth Rowe argues the BSO has refused to pay her the same as her male colleague

(Newser) - When the Boston Symphony Orchestra's selection committee heard 29-year-old Elizabeth Rowe audition, it didn't know her gender: As Geoff Edgers writes in a lengthy piece for the Washington Post , the orchestra's blind auditions dictate that a screen obscures the musician's identity. She landed her "dream... More »

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Master of 'The Shove'

Actress talks about her life, her career, and her bout with cancer in the 'New Yorker'

(Newser) - Seinfeld fans know it well: "the shove," as practiced by Elaine, when she puts both hands on the chest of a man and yells something like "Shut up!" as she shoves him backward. In a profile of Julius Louis-Dreyfus, the New Yorker notes that Louis-Dreyfus brought... More »

'Messy,' Murderous Story of John Ackroyd Comes to an End

The conclusion of the Oregonian/OregonLive's five-part series

(Newser) - If you've been following the five-part story of John Ackroyd , its conclusion might leave you hanging. Noelle Crombie knows that. "This is a messy story with loose ends and unanswered questions," she writes for the Oregonian/OregonLive . Part V opens with Ackroyd in 1993 going to trial for... More »

He Showed Up Covered in Dried Blood, With an Odd Story

Part IV of the Oregonian/OregonLive's series on John Ackroyd

(Newser) - It was a bizarre scene that went unmentioned to authorities for years: Two workers at the state highway shop in Sweet Home, Oregon, saw John Ackroyd pull in uncharacteristically late one night in 1992. The state highway mechanic would swap his truck for a state vehicle at the shop, and... More »

A Mother Has Been Searching for Her Son, Here, for 30 Years

Denise Horvath-Allan has flown from the UK to Kelowna 15 times

(Newser) - In November, Denise Horvath-Allan flew for the 15th time from the UK to Kelowna, British Columbia. The 69-year-old says it will be her last such trip, but not because her business there is finished. As James McMahon explains in a piece for MEL Magazine , Kelowna is where her 20-year-old son... More »

His Stepdaughter Vanished. What He Said Was Disturbing

Part III of the Oregonian/OregonLive's series on John Ackroyd

(Newser) - John Ackroyd was no stranger to Oregon police, or even to the district attorney in Jefferson County: The state highway mechanic had been accused of a 1977 rape and a suspect in a 1978 murder , both of which took place near Highway 20. Then, in 1990, his name surfaced again.... More »

A Runner Went Missing, Then 'Tantalizing Coincidences'

Part II of the Oregonian/OregonLive's series on John Ackroyd

(Newser) - Oregon's Highway 20 was John Ackroyd's professional stomping grounds: The state highway mechanic spent his days along the often remote road. He was there on Dec. 24, 1978, the morning Kaye Turner went missing while on an 8-mile run. She and her husband were on a holiday vacation... More »

Police Didn't Believe Her. It Was a Fatal Mistake

Part I of the 'Oregonian'/OregonLive's investigation into John Ackroyd

(Newser) - Dead men tell no tales, and John Ackroyd is dead. So the Oregonian /OregonLive is going to do the telling for him. Its five-part series "Ghosts of Highway 20" is the result of a years-long investigation into a man who died in 2016 while serving time for one woman'... More »

He Went on a Mountain Bike Ride and Never Came Back

'Outside Online' dives into the still-unsolved killing of Tim Watkins

(Newser) - "I still can’t wrap my head around how you go for a mountain bike ride and are murdered." It's the brutal line that concludes Devon O'Neil's piece for Outside Online on the September 2017 death of 60-year-old Tim Watkins. As far as mountain bikers... More »

Cop Who Didn't Shoot Man Wishes He'd Had 'a Few More Seconds'

Stephen Mader held back when he thought RJ Williams was trying to do a 'suicide by cop'

(Newser) - A rookie white cop, a young black man shot to death by police, and a firing—but the story doesn't develop in an expected way. Writing for ProPublica , Joe Sexton takes a deep dive into the 2016 shooting of 23-year-old RJ Williams in Weirton, West Virginia. Williams was shot... More »

'Hundreds' of Texts Could Derail Les Moonves' $120M CBS Exit

'NYT' has details of new #MeToo accusation against the ex-CBS chief

(Newser) - A "monthslong cascade of hundreds of text messages" could cost Les Moonves $120 million. That's the crux of a New York Times expose that details a triangle with the former head of CBS, a floundering Hollywood manager, and an actress who once "radiated star power"—and... More »

What Trump's Labor Secretary Had to Do With Billionaire Pedophile's Deal

'Miami Herald' takes deep dive into Alexander Acosta's involvement with Jeffrey Epstein

(Newser) - It's long been known that billionaire financial adviser Jeffrey Epstein got a sweet plea deal from Florida prosecutors, serving just 13 months in a private wing of the county jail followed by a year of house arrest rather than the massive sentence he could have faced had he been... More »

What's It Like When a Celeb Bares All? This

Lena Dunham gets intimate with Allison P. Davis for 'New York Magazine'

(Newser) - As far as celebrity profiles go, Allison P. Davis' lengthy piece on Lena Dunham for New York Magazine is noteworthy, both in terms of how well-written it is and just how far Dunham flings the door open. To wit, the piece begins with Davis recounting how shortly after she first... More »

One Couple's Brutal, Infuriating Story of Debt in America

Tom and Kate haven't always made the best decisions

(Newser) - Tom and Kate live in quite the neighborhood in a northeastern suburb, surrounded by people "who have seven cars and fly off to Italy for three weeks." They don't. They're broke, or, more accurately, so deeply in debt it's staggering. In a lengthy interview for... More »

Men Were Convicted of Killing Their Debbie. It Was a Mistake

Politico looks at the effect of a wrongful conviction on a victim's family

(Newser) - When Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz were found guilty of the 1982 rape and murder of Debbie Sue Carter, her devastated family found a small degree of solace in the idea that justice had been served. The Oklahoma 21-year-old had just moved into her first apartment when she was raped... More »

20 Years of Deception: How Larry Nassar Got Away With It

The Cut: 'The trick was to establish traditional medical credibility and then get weird'

(Newser) - It's a simple question regarding Larry Nassar, the imprisoned pedophile who raped hundreds of young gymnasts: "How did he deceive so many for so long?" The question is posed in the headline of a lengthy story at the Cut by Kerry Howley, who begins by disputing the notion... More »

This Story of a Lost 6-Year-Old Ended Differently

Cody Sheehy saved himself in 1986

(Newser) - In 1986, a 6-year-old got lost in the Oregon woods. He was found 18 hours later. On the surface, that doesn't seem like much of a story (compared to, say, this ), but what makes Cody Sheehy's ordeal different is that "he saved himself," as Emma... More »

'I Have the Most Terrible Thing to Tell You. They Killed Laura'

Weeks after his wife's death, Peter DeMarco learned the truth

(Newser) - There's a good chance you heard Peter DeMarco's story. Or, at least, the first version of it. The Massachusetts man received national press after a heartfelt thank-you he wrote to the employees of CHA Cambridge Hospital was published in the New York Times. In it, he extolled the... More »

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