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Tiffany on Poor Sales at Iconic Store: Blame Trump

Cites 'election-related activity' near flagship store

(Newser) - Having the president-elect as a neighbor isn't all sunshine and roses, according to Tiffany, which appears to partly blame Donald Trump for its poor US sales over the last three months. Tiffany actually saw a 1% boost in worldwide sales to $949.3 million in Q3—the company's... More »

Google Maps Briefly Tells You How to Get to 'Dump Tower'

President-elect's pad was mysteriously renamed for a few hours

(Newser) - For a few hours on Saturday, Google Maps would obligingly direct users to not only New York City's famed "Dump Tower," but also the "Dump International Hotel & Tower," both of which were inexplicably renamed from their original "Trump Tower" and "Trump International... More »

Cops: Disturbed Man Entered Trump Tower

He said he'd just gotten a call from Trump

(Newser) - The security challenges of having a president-elect who lives at the top of a publicly accessible skyscraper were highlighted Friday night when a man described by police as "emotionally disturbed" was arrested at Trump Tower. The man, identified as Roosevelt Pleas, entered the Fifth Avenue building at 10:30pm... More »

Network Anchors, Execs Summoned to Trump Tower

Sources say Trump slammed election coverage during meeting

(Newser) - Donald Trump met with some of America's top news anchors and execs at Trump Tower on Monday—and it wasn't to thank them for doing a tremendous job. The meeting was officially off the record, but sources tell Politico and the Wall Street Journal that Trump slammed the... More »

Tower Climber Wanted to Talk to Trump

His message to everyone else was 'vote Trump'

(Newser) - The man who scaled Trump Tower using suction cups Wednesday afternoon apparently just wanted to chat. NBC New York identifies the climber as Stephen Rogata, a 19-year-old from Virginia who was taken to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric evaluation after cops hauled him in from the 21st floor. "I am... More »

5 Stories