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Scientists Switch On Giant 'Artificial Sun'

They're seeking new ways to make hydrogen fuel

(Newser) - Scientists in Germany flipped the switch Thursday on what's being described as "the world's largest artificial sun" and which they hope will help shed light on new ways of making climate-friendly hydrogen fuel. The giant honeycomb-like setup of 149 spotlights—officially known as "Synlight"—in... More »

Stuck on Island, Last Mammoths Had Gene 'Meltdown'

Researchers compare genome of Wrangel Island beast with mainland one

(Newser) - On Wrangel Island off Siberia, a small group of woolly mammoths managed to survive for some 6,000 years after the mainland mammoths died off. Though humans were a little late in discovering that—by the time we made it to the Arctic island 3,700 years ago, the beasts... More »

'Necrobiome' Could Change the Game for Forensic Scientists

Don't believe what you see on TV; it's not easy to estimate time of death

(Newser) - Despite what you see on all those crime shows, medical examiners don't actually know how long a corpse has been dead, reports LiveScience . Lacking a precise method to determine time of death, pathologists essentially make a good guess. But a new study focused on the necrobiome—the world of... More »

Rich People More Likely to Ignore You on Street

Study says the lower classes hold little 'motivational relevance' for the wealthy

(Newser) - No, you're not imagining it. Rich people really aren't interested in you. A new study found the wealthy spend less time looking at other people, probably because the lower classes hold less "motivational relevance" for them, meaning the hoi polloi aren't worthy of their attention, Live... More »

Scientists Catch Dolphins Chatting

It's a 'highly developed spoken language,' say researchers

(Newser) - An underwater microphone has picked up two dolphins seemingly carrying on a conversation as if they were two people, the Telegraph reports. When researchers in Russia recorded a pair of Black Sea Bottlenose dolphins in a pool, it sounded as if they were chatting—and quite politely, at that. Each... More »

5 Stories