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Banished During Her Period, 18-Year-Old Dies of Snakebite

Nepali practice has claimed other lives

(Newser) - Every month, 18-year-old Tulasi Shahi was among Nepali women and girls banished to a "menstruation hut." This time the shunning was fatal after Shahi was bitten by a poisonous snake, the New York Times reports. Shahi's mother took her first to a shaman and then to a... More »

Jaywalk Here, and Prepare to Be Publicly Shamed

China street screens broadcast not just photos but the person's ID, home address

(Newser) - Jaywalkers take heed: If you do it in parts of China, you could be in for the shaming of your life. Authorities have installed a new device called the "Electronic Police" at intersections in cities in four provinces. Not only does it detect when people are jaywalking, but it... More »

'Revenge Porn' Lawsuit Could Spell Huge Trouble for Facebook

Upcoming nude-photo trial could 'open the floodgates' for similar legal actions

(Newser) - An upcoming trial against Facebook over a "revenge porn" picture of a 14-year-old could prompt an avalanche of similar lawsuits, the Guardian reports. Weeks after a Belfast court rejected Facebook's efforts to stop the lawsuit, many other victims are considering their legal options, media lawyer Paul Tweed told... More »

3 Stories