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Defeated Gambian Leader Agrees to Give Up Power

Crisis appears headed toward peaceful end

(Newser) - Gambia's defeated leader Yahya Jammeh announced early Saturday he has decided to relinquish power, after hours of last-ditch talks with regional leaders and the threat by a regional military force to make him leave. "I believe it is not necessary that a single drop of blood be shed,... More »

Senegalese Army Enters Gambia to Topple Ex-President

Yahya Jammeh refuses to step down in wake of losing election

(Newser) - Last month, Adama Barrow won Gambia's presidential election, ending the 22-year rule of dictator Yahya Jammeh. Barrow's inauguration was scheduled for Thursday, but Jammeh has refused to step down. And the opportunity for a peaceful resolution appears to be over. Here's what you need to know: More »

Dog Kills Son of Gambian President-Elect

Adama Barrow was unable to attend funeral due to political unrest

(Newser) - Due to political turmoil in his country, the president-elect of Gambia was unable to attend his young son's funeral, the BBC reports. Eight-year-old Habibu Barrow was bitten by a dog Sunday and died on the way to the hospital. According to SMBC News , Habibu's death led to an... More »

3 Stories