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Funny Games Not Much Fun

This take on a terrorized family isn't easy to watch

(Newser) - Director Michael Haneke uses Funny Games to toy with his audience—and that can make the "mockingly sadistic and terrifying watch-the-middle-class-writhe-like-stuck-pigs thriller" tough viewing, Owen Leiberman writes in Entertainment Weekly. Critics are split on the merits of Haneke's remake of his disturbing 1997 German-language original—about a vacationing family... More »

Hollywood's Newest, Freshest Faces

Vanity Fair anoints a young generation of leading men

(Newser) - They're pretty, they're talented, and they're all the rage. Vanity Fair presents seven hot new young things.
  1. Shia LaBeouf: Transformers, Indiana Jones
  2. Kevin Zegers: Transamerica, The Jane Austen Book Club
  3. Michael Pitt: Dreamers, Last Days, Silk
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2 Stories