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26-Year-Old Gets Longest Sentence Ever for Media Leak

Former NSA contractor Reality Winner sentenced to 5 years, 3 months

(Newser) - A 26-year-old just made history in a way she likely never anticipated. Georgia native Reality Winner received a sentence of 63 months in prison Thursday after she admitted leaking a government document to the media, reports CNN . Prosecutors say it's the longest sentence ever imposed on a federal defendant... More »

Leaker Gets 5 Years Under Espionage Act

Reality Winner pleads guilty

(Newser) - A woman accused of leaking US secrets to a news outlet pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court in Georgia, the AP reports. Reality Winner, 26, entered her guilty plea after reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors that calls for her to serve five years and three months behind bars, news... More »

Alleged NSA Leaker Was Upset Facility Aired Fox News

Transcript sheds light on how, why Reality Winner allegedly leaked classified info

(Newser) - Reality Winner wasn't happy about the work environment at the high-security NSA facility in Georgia where she served as a linguist. "I've filed formal complaint about them having Fox News on, you know?" Politico quotes the 25-year-old as telling FBI agents in June. "At least, for... More »

Russians Likely Breached Your State's Voting System

Bloomberg reports that 39 states saw intrusions

(Newser) - A report at Bloomberg puts a rather startling number on the extent of Russian hacking in the 2016 election: 39. As in, 39 states saw Russian intrusions of some kind into their voting databases or election software systems, according to the report. The states aren't listed, but that number... More »

FBI Used 'Microdots' to Nab Accused NSA Leaker

Dot pattern led investigators to the printer Reality Winner allegedly used

(Newser) - Before swooping in to arrest accused leaker Reality Winner, FBI sleuths were poring over barely visible dots in the document they say led them to her, the BBC reports. The yellow "microdots" formed a coded design on the paper the 25-year-old NSA contractor allegedly provided to the Intercept that... More »

Feds Say It Would Be Unsafe to Release Alleged NSA Leaker

Reality Winner denied bail

(Newser) - Alleged NSA leaker Reality Winner was denied bail Thursday after prosecutors warned that she might have more secrets to release—including those stored only in her head. Winner, 25, was shackled during her appearance in the federal courtroom in Augusta, Ga., where she pleaded not guilty to illegally transmitting national... More »

'I'm in Trouble': Alleged Leaker's Words to Mom in Phone Call

Reality Winner faces up to 10 years in prison

(Newser) - It sounds like the two people most surprised by the arrest of 25-year-old Reality Winner as an alleged leaker of classified information are her mother and stepfather. "She would not jeopardize anybody's safety," mom Billie Davis-Winner tells NBC News in Augusta, Ga. "She's not a... More »

Reality Winner Had High Security Clearance. She Isn't Alone

The 25-year-old is charged with leaking an NSA document

(Newser) - Reality Winner was charged Monday with leaking a document about the Russian hacking of US electoral systems. One of the most surprising things, according to NBC News , was that a 25-year-old had top-level security clearance. But apparently it's not that unusual. Most people who do NSA work involving intercepting... More »

Feds Arrest First Leaker Under Trump

Reality Leigh Winner accused of leaking info on Russia election hack

(Newser) - Her name is "Reality," but her story sounds more like something from a spy thriller: Reality Leigh Winner, a 25-year-old intelligence contractor, was arrested Monday in the first criminal case of the Trump's administration's campaign against leaks, the New York Times reports. The arrest was announced... More »

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