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Nightclub's 1985 Time Capsule Causes Evacuation in NYC

Letters to the future were stored, buried in WWII practice bomb

(Newser) - Back in 1985, the staff of famous New York City nightclub Danceteria (which was featured in Madonna's Desperately Seeking Susan, per CBS New York ) buried a time capsule that looked like a WWII bomb. "I kind of mentioned it as a joke back then," the former... More »

Cops: 25 Shot Overnight in Little Rock Nightclub

All are alive, and police say it wasn't a terror attack

(Newser) - Police in Little Rock, Arkansas, say 25 people were shot inside a nightclub early Saturday—but all have survived, the AP reports. Details on what happened aren't clear, but police say the shooting appears to have been set off by a dispute inside the Power Lounge about 2:30am.... More »

Inside the History of Orlando's Pulse Nightclub

Co-owner Barbara Poma wanted to commemorate her brother

(Newser) - The nightclub devastated by America's worst-ever mass shooting was inspired by love, USA Today reports. One of the owners of Pulse—the Orlando, Fla., club where gunman Omar Mateen killed at least 50 and wounded 53 on Sunday—opened the venue to commemorate her older brother and help people... More »

Why 'Celebs' Get $250K to Hang Out at a Club for an Hour

'A bizarre ecosystem that has reinvented the way a famous person ... makes a living'

(Newser) - GQ has a fascinating look at the little-known world of the "club-appearance economy," which it calls "a bizarre ecosystem that has reinvented the way a famous person ... makes a living." Simply put, clubs in Las Vegas, Miami, and around the world will pay people of... More »

Ceiling Collapses in Freak Accident at 'Purple Rain' Nightclub

"We have no idea why or how it happened," GM says of ceiling collapse

(Newser) - Three people were hospitalized last night after a ceiling collapsed amid smoke and water streaming from up high at the legendary Minneapolis nightclub where Prince filmed part of his 1984 rock drama Purple Rain , the Star Tribune reports. In what First Avenue GM Nate Kranz calls a "terrible surprise,... More »

5 Shot During Chris Brown Nightclub Appearance

Brown was onstage when shots rang out

(Newser) - Chris Brown was performing at a crowded San Jose nightclub early yesterday when gunshots rang out inside, causing the crowd—and Brown, TMZ reports—to panic. Five people were injured, all of whom are expected to survive, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Brown was at the Fiesta as part... More »

NY Rep Who Threatened Reporter Has Fiery History

Including brandishing a gun at a nightclub

(Newser) - Rep. Michael Grimm's headline-grabbing threat to throw an NY1 reporter off a balcony and break him "in half like a boy," is shining a spotlight on the New York Republican's past outbursts and his fiery reputation. Perhaps the most talked about example: A 1999 incident in... More »

For $1.2K, Club Will Let You Peep Into Ladies' Bathroom

Scotland police investigating

(Newser) - Be careful if you're a woman at Glasgow's Shimmy Club and find yourself having to use the restroom: It's installed with a two-way mirror, and clubgoers who want a look are charged as much as $1,200 to peep in. After complaints, Scotland's police force launched... More »

Inmates Host Raunchy Party at Prison Nightclub

Venezuelan prisoners invite friends, family to bash

(Newser) - For a fun night, visit the local ... prison? Seems inmates in Venezuela have built their own nightclub and hosted an inaugural bash including strippers and a light show, AFP reports. According to a local paper, the inmates at a prison on Margarita Island invited friends and family over for the... More »

Brazil Club Fire Sparked by Band's Penny-Pinching

Outdoor flares cost a lot less, says lead investigator

(Newser) - Just when you thought the Brazil nightclub fire story couldn't get any gloomier comes this revelation: It appears the blaze that killed more than 230 can be pinned on the band's desire to save a few bucks. The lead inspector in the case told the media yesterday that... More »

Brazil Arrests 3 in Nightclub Fire

Police still looking for one of the club's co-owners

(Newser) - Police have arrested three people in connection with the fire that killed more than 230 nightclub-goers in Santa Maria, Brazil, yesterday: One of the club's co-owners, its chief of security, and a member of the band Gurizada Fandangueira, the BBC reports. Police are reportedly seeking another club co-owner as... More »

Death Toll Hits 233 in Brazil Nightclub Inferno

Fire breaks out during band's fireworks display

(Newser) - A fireworks display in a Brazilian nightclub went horribly awry last night, spawning a fire that police say killed upward of 233 people, reports CNN . Police on the scene at the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria have already removed 159 bodies, reports Reuters , and rescuers are still looking for more.... More »

Vergara's Fiancé Tears Her Dress in Weird Brawl

Nick Loeb was thrown out of Miami club, sources say

(Newser) - Sounds like Sofia Vergara didn't have a great New Year's Eve: In the wee hours today, she got in a fight with her fiance Nick Loeb at a Miami nightclub, and Loeb ended up getting kicked out. Sources tell the New York Post the Florida businessman got upset... More »

Tony Parker Sues Club for $20M Over Hip-Hop Brawl

Says owners should have known better than to allow both Drake, Brown inside

(Newser) - The fallout from Chris Brown's throwdown with Drake's entourage continues: Now Tony Parker is suing the New York City nightclub where it happened for a cool $20 million. The NBA star says the club, WiP, should have known that allowing Brown and Drake—who've both been involved... More »

New Yorkers Crack Down on Sex in Cars

Back-seat love annoys neighbors

(Newser) - New Yorkers are getting fed up with clubgoers who make hanky panky inside of parked cars. Residents between Seventh and Eighth Avenues around West 30th Street say randy partiers are having sex in cars, leaving condoms on the street, honking car horns at all hours ... you get the idea. So... More »

Florida Town Bans Dance Clubs, Skating Rinks

They draw 'unlawful and/or undesirable activities,' city manager explains

(Newser) - Somebody get Ren McCormack on the phone. The town of Weston, Fla., has passed an ordinance that specifically bans nightclubs, dance halls, and skating rinks, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. None of those establishments has ever existed in the suburban town, and the mayor says they want to keep it... More »

Shia LaBeouf Gets Pummeled in Nightclub Brawl

Plus, four more memorable celebrity bar fights

(Newser) - Shia LaBeouf had quite a night last week in Vancouver, first allegedly getting himself kicked out of a nightclub before getting into a brawl with a guy outside. TMZ —which has video, of course—reports that LaBeouf and the other man involved first got into an argument inside, then... More »

Topless 'Daylife' Booms in Vegas

Only in Sin City can you go nightclubbing in broad daylight

(Newser) - If you're bummed about having to wait until dark to experience, you know, nightlife, get excited: Las Vegas has a booming “daylife” scene, which will surely spread to the rest of the world soon. Vegas’ many poolside clubs for the 21-plus set offer the same barely clothed cocktail waitresses,... More »

Cafeteria-Nightclub Lands Philly School in Hot Water

Booze shouldn't be sold in schools, say Philly officials

(Newser) - Nightclubs serving booze shouldn't be allowed anywhere near elementary schools, let alone inside them, angry lawmakers in Philadelphia said after learning a charter school let its cafeteria double up as a nightclub on weekends. Officials have ordered the Harambee Institute of Science and Technology, which serves around 500 kids from... More »

World's Best Small Music Venues

From NYC to London, Berlin to Mississippi

(Newser) - Want to see hear some great music in a tiny place? The Guardian asks industry insiders for tips:
  • Pegu Club, New York: Hitting this unassuming West Houston Street spot is “like going back to the great clubs of the 20s, when the staff were pretty and jazz and cocktails
... More »

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