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White House Blocks Release of 100K Kavanaugh Documents

Schumer slams 'unprecedented' move

(Newser) - Democrats are up in arms about what Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer calls a "Friday night document massacre." The Trump administration has told the Senate Judiciary Committee that it plans to withhold around 100,000 pages of records relating to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh because they are... More »

Top 5 Democratic Presidential Candidates for 2020

Elizabeth Warren tops the list

(Newser) - “It appears we’re going to have an old-folks’ home," New York Magazine quotes Sen. Harry Reid as saying about hypothetical Democratic 2020 presidential contenders. "We’ve got Warren; she’ll be 71. Biden will be 78. Bernie will be 79.” Regardless, the Hill has ranked... More »

Who Might Take Scalia's Seat?

Look toward the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit

(Newser) - With the death of Antonin Scalia , the longest-serving justice on the Supreme Court, comes the inevitable question of who might succeed him on the bench. Some of the bigger names being floated, via USA Today and Roll Call :
  • Sri Srinivasan: The 48-year-old Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit judge
... More »

Rand Paul: Bad Idea to Blow Through Debt Ceiling

Meanwhile, Collins, Klobuchar see a deal by Thursday

(Newser) - The United States of America is exactly four days away from debt ceiling Armageddon, so politicians of all stripes crowded the Sunday talk show circuit to point fingers and wax poetically about what the other side might do better. Rand Paul led the way with the obvious, Politico reports, saying,... More »

Obama: Sorry, Joe Biden Is 'Too Young to Be Pope'

Riffs on Woodward, sequester at Gridiron

(Newser) - President Obama put in his second appearance of his presidency at the Gridiron Club last night, lamenting the not-so-funny consequences of the sequester, his vice president, his administration's weird tiff with Bob Woodward, and more. Highlights, as per Politico , CNN , and the AP :
  • On the Woodward ruckus: "Now
... More »

Holder Will Stay, but Just for a Year

Attorney general will honor president's request

(Newser) - Attorney General Eric Holder will stay on into President Obama's second term, as the president has asked him to do, but a senior administration official tells Fox News Holder will remain in his position only "for about a year." Obama wants to avoid a mass exodus, and... More »

Pawlenty's Next Move: Senate Run?

GOP divided over lessons of former governor's exit

(Newser) - Now that Tim Pawlenty is no longer eyeing the White House , could his new target be a Senate seat? The head of the Minnesota GOP hopes so. “I think he'd make a heck of a candidate,” Tony Sutton tells Minnesota Public Radio . Pawlenty earlier rejected the idea... More »

Kagan Dodges—on Twilight

Senator wants to know if she likes the werewolf or vampire

(Newser) - Elena Kagan is artfully dodging questions of substance, so Sen. Amy Klobuchar tried to find out her views on a less pressing matter related to the latest Twilight movie: Team Edward or Team Jacob? Alas, we learn nothing, notes USA Today , as the video in the gallery shows. The day's... More »

Reform Foes Send Condom, Threats to Lawmaker

Betty McCollum also got gas-soaked flag

(Newser) - Threats and abuse aimed at Democratic lawmakers who voted for health care reform continue, as Minnesota Rep. Betty McCollum received numerous letters, including one containing a condom and another with a piece of a shredded American flag soaked in gasoline. The letter accompanying the condom reads, “Betty McCollum... More »

7 Women Who Might Beat Palin to the White House

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's resignation has fueled talk of a presidential bid, but the first female occupant of the Oval Office may yet be a Democrat, the Washington Post surmises. Here are some of the leading possibilities.
  • Kirsten Gillibrand: the New York senator has impressive fundraising chops and a killer instinct—her
... More »

Sotomayor's Inspiration? Perry Mason

(Newser) - Sonia Sotomayor’s zeal for the law comes from the tube, the Los Angeles Times reports. The former prosecutor credits for her conversion a Perry Mason episode where the titular defense attorney “proved his client innocent and got the actual murderer to confess,” the Supreme Court nominee told... More »

Minn. Senator Klobuchar OKs Obama

Hillary and Barack now tied with support of 14 colleagues apiece

(Newser) - Amy Klobuchar endorsed Barack Obama today, saying her Senate colleague can "dissolve the hard cynical edge that has dominated our politics.” Obama and Hillary Clinton are now tied in upper house support, Talking Points Memo reports, with each Dem boasting 14 Senate backers. The vote among the Senate... More »

Senators Pitch Regional Primary Days

Plan would prevent current race to the top of the calendar

(Newser) - Three senators—a Democrat, an Independent and a Republican—have proposed a radical reinvention of the now-hopelessly-congested presidential primary system. To avoid states racing to the top of the calendar, it would establish four regions, each assigned its own voting day. Drafted by Amy Klobuchar, Joe Lieberman, and Lamar Alexander,... More »

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