Nikolas Cruz

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Parkland Suspect May Have Surprising Financial Status

Nikolas Cruz's potential inheritance is discussed in a court hearing

(Newser) - The man accused of massacring 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School may have a small fortune coming to him from his late mother's estate. But Nikolas Cruz says he doesn't want it. "He would like that money donated to an organization that the victims' families believe... More »

Fan Mail Pours In for Nikolas Cruz

Women reportedly sending love letters, photos, money

(Newser) - Nikolas Cruz's brother wanted to start a fan club for the Parkland shooting suspect, but it looks like someone beat him to it. Stacks of fan mail, including love letters and suggestive photographs, have been arriving for Cruz at the Broward County Jail, reports the South Florida Sun Sentinel... More »

Prosecutor Says Cruz's Brother Has 'All the Same Flags'

Cops are trying to block him from possessing a gun

(Newser) - A Florida state law passed in the wake of the Parkland school shooting could be used to keep the suspected shooter's brother from getting his hands on a gun. Zachary Cruz, the 18-year-old brother of Nikolas Cruz, was arrested on trespassing charges Monday after he was seen skateboarding at... More »

Parkland Shooter's Brother Arrested at High School

Zachary Cruz told cops he was there to reflect

(Newser) - The younger brother of Nikolas Cruz has been arrested for riding his skateboard across the campus where his brother killed 17 students and staff. Zachary Cruz, 18, was arrested and booked into jail Monday night for trespassing at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where he is a former student, USA ... More »

Disgraced Officer Pushed for Cruz Psych Eval in 2016

Scot Peterson recommended Nikolas Cruz be forcibly committed in 2016

(Newser) - Officials were so concerned about the mental stability of the student accused of last month's Florida school massacre that they decided he should be forcibly committed. But the recommendation was never acted upon. A commitment under the law would have made it more difficult if not impossible for Cruz... More »

Prosecutors Will Seek Death for Nikolas Cruz

It's still possible a plea deal could be reached

(Newser) - Florida prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty against school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz in the fatal shooting of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The office of Broward County State Attorney Michael Satz filed the formal notice Tuesday. The 19-year-old Cruz is scheduled for formal... More »

Inside the Disturbing Psychiatric File of the Parkland Shooter

He told therapist about dream of being covered in blood, 'perfect summer' of guns and shooting

(Newser) - The Miami Herald has obtained Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz's school psychiatric file, and it contains disturbing details of his talks with mental health professionals. Nikolas Cruz, who has admitted to gunning down 17 at Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last month, attended an alternative school before being... More »

Future of Florida Shooter's Big Trust Fund in Judge's Hands

Nikolas Cruz reportedly due $800K inheritance

(Newser) - The 19-year-old man suspected of killing 17 people at a Florida high school last week is reportedly poised to inherit $800,000 being kept in a trust fund when he turns 22. At least that's what Nikolas Cruz told the family he was living with after his mother died... More »

After School Shootings, Russian Bots Hijacked Gun Debate

'The bots focus on anything that is divisive for Americans'

(Newser) - For Russia-linked Twitter accounts and bots linked to Russian propaganda campaigns, last week's horrific school shooting in Florida was just another opportunity to sow division among Americans, security researchers say. Within an hour of the shooting, hundreds of automated Twitter accounts with suspected Russian links began sending out tweets... More »

Minutes Before Shooting, Suspect Texted a Friend

Nikolas Cruz said he was going to the movies

(Newser) - The Florida couple allowing Nikolas Cruz to live with them has revealed a chilling text he sent to their son just a few minutes before the shooting rampage at a Florida high school last week. "He told my son he's going to the movies," James Snead tells... More »

Video of Cruz Fighting at School Surfaces

Teachers say they tried hard to help him

(Newser) - Former teachers say alleged school shooter Nikolas Cruz wasn't somebody who slipped through the cracks, he was somebody they worked hard to get help for. The teachers say that after behavioral problems in middle school and high school, they tried calling social workers, holding parent conferences, and sending him... More »

Florida Shooting Suspect's Fate Remains Up in the Air

Prosecutors have not yet said if they'll pursue the death penalty against Nikolas Cruz

(Newser) - The evidence against the Florida school shooting suspect is so overwhelming, the main question revolving around the trial of Nikolas Cruz might be whether he will be sentenced to death or spend the rest of his life in prison. The fate of 19-year-old Cruz, who faces 17 counts of first-degree... More »

We Shouldn't Let Young Men Own Semiautomatic Rifles

Columnist Ross Douthat thinks the right to own certain weapons should be phased in with age

(Newser) - Conservative columnist Ross Douthat supports the right of individuals to own weapons, but last week's massacre in Florida has him floating a specific compromise on gun control. In a New York Times op-ed, Douthat suggests limiting the rights of young people to own semiautomatic rifles such as the AR-15.... More »

Family on Fla. Suspect: 'We Had Monster Living Under Our Roof'

Kimberly and James Snead said they had no idea Nikolas Cruz was allegedly capable of Parkland shooting

(Newser) - On Friday, the family that was housing Parkland suspect Nikolas Cruz wasn't ready to speak out about him, with a "visibly emotional Kimberly Snead" telling the New York Post to respect her family's privacy. On Saturday, however, both Snead and her husband, James, spoke to the South ... More »

Nikolas Cruz: First a Breakup, Then the Cutting

Teen posted images of himself cutting his arms on Snapchat, and investigation began

(Newser) - The problems reportedly started over a girl. Nikolas Cruz's mother in 2016 told investigators that his girlfriend had cheated on him and that she and the girl's mother had encouraged the teens to "end the relationship because it was unhealthy for everyone." Why Lynda Cruz told... More »

'You Killed My Kid!' Father of Shooting Victim Yells

Meadow Pollack, Alyssa Alhadeff were buried Friday

(Newser) - A father's grief and anger boiled over Friday as the first victims of the Florida high school massacre were buried. With more than 1,000 mourners including Gov. Rick Scott packed into Temple K'ol Tikvah, Andrew Pollack looked down at the plain pine coffin of his 18-year-old daughter,... More »

Cops Were at Florida Suspect's House 39 Times

Nikolas Cruz's lawyers call him a 'broken child'; ex-classmates aren't so generous

(Newser) - The FBI has acknowledged that it received a tip about Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Kruz in January that wasn't properly investigated, as details continue to trickle in on the 19-year-old's evolution "from 'broken child' to mass killer" in the words of CNN . His defense attorneys say... More »

FBI Admits It Flubbed January Tip on Florida Suspect

'Protocols were not followed' on call about Nikolas Cruz on Jan. 5

(Newser) - A tip about one "Nikolas Cruz" had been investigated by the FBI back in September, though nothing seems to have come out of it. Now CBS News and NBC News are reporting on a new admission from the FBI that "protocols were not followed" for a separate tip... More »

Cops: Florida Massacre Happened in 6 Minutes

They say Nikolas Cruz took Uber to school, went to McDonald's after shooting

(Newser) - Police say Nikolas Cruz has confessed to killing 17 people in America's deadliest-ever high school shooting—but they haven't disclosed a motive for Wednesday's rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. According to police and court records released Thursday, the 19-year-old was only in... More »

White Nationalist Group: Nikolas Cruz Was a Member

Leader speculates that attacking on Valentine's Day was intentional

(Newser) - An orphaned 19-year-old who participated in paramilitary drills with a white nationalist group was charged with murder Thursday in the deaths of 17 people who were fatally shot at a huge Florida high school in the nation's deadliest school attack in five years. As the criminal case against the... More »

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