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Dollar Hits 2009 Low

Credit rating fears send greenback falling against pound, euro

(Newser) - The dollar fell to its lowest level of the year today as investors grew nervous that the US could lose its triple-A credit rating, Reuters reports. The greenback declined to $1.39 against the euro and $1.58 against the pound, echoing similar drops across the world. Yesterday, Moody's said... More »

Pound Craters After Latest Grim Stats

British currency falls to $1.56 amid recession fears

(Newser) - The British economy shrank by 0.5% last quarter, all but confirming that the UK is in its first recession since 1991, reports the Times of London. The decline is greater than expected, and this week both the prime minister and the head of the Bank of England acknowledged that... More »

Global Stocks Pounded, Dollar Hits Record Highs

Greenback soars to 5-year high against the pound

(Newser) - Stocks in Asia and Europe dove once again today, with banks leading losses as the continuing economic downturn hit corporate profits. The Nikkei in Tokyo closed down 6.8%, and London's FTSE opened down 2.3% after the Bank of England said that the country is in a recession. Meanwhile... More »

Dollar Soars to 1-Year High

Greenback climbs higher still after Fannie-Freddie bailout

(Newser) - The dollar rallied to a 1-year high against the world's currencies today, following Treasury's decision to seize control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. After an early hiccup, the greenback advanced to $1.41 against the euro while also climbing against the yen, the pound, and the Swiss franc. While... More »

Pound Plunges to Record Low Against Euro

Gloomy economic outlook sends British currency tumbling

(Newser) - The British pound has sunk to its lowest level ever against the euro since the European currency was introduced in 1999, the Financial Times reports. The fall follows Chancellor Alistair Darling's dire warning that the outlook for the British economy is the worst in 60 years. The pound dropped to... More »

World Markets Tumble, Dollar Hits New Low

Euro hits $1.60 as banks lead declines

(Newser) - World stocks hit their lowest level since 2006 today as credit-market losses and weakening consumer confidence sent shares falling, reports Bloomberg. The big banks, from UBS in Europe to Cathay in Asia, led declines. The MSCI World Index, Morgan Stanley's indicator of global finance, has now slid into bear market... More »

25 Ways to Save in Europe

Don't let the dismal dollar derail your dream vacation

(Newser) - Worried that exchanging your dollars into pounds will leave you with pennies? MSNBC outlines 25 ways to stretch your money in Europe.
  1. Find no-cost entertainment, like free days at museums or public concerts.
  2. Use a credit card or get cash from an ATM for the best exchange rates and lower
... More »

Dollar Gains Slightly Against the Euro

Investors wait for latest read on vigor of US economy

(Newser) - European markets saw the US dollar edge higher against the euro, yen and British pound today as traders looked for clues as to whether the US economy would avoid a recession, reports the Associated Press. Today’s report on January sales of existing homes will likely cast some light on... More »

Europe Beckons; Penny-Pinchers Can Respond

Diving dollar be damned—here are 10 tips for wise budgeting

(Newser) - The euro and the pound are kicking the dollar's butt, but that doesn't mean you need to cancel your vacation plans. The Times gives you 10 tips for traveling on a shoestring:
  1. Find cheap flights abroad
  2. Find a budget hotel or rent a villa
  3. Within Europe, try the budget airlines
... More »

Pound Soars Against Dollar

Sterling passes $2.02, raising hopes and filling coffers

(Newser) - The British pound climbed against the dollar today to a level not seen since June 1981, nudging past $2.02 before closing at $2.0136. The third consecutive trading session with a 26-year high came as the UK braced for a interest rate hike and the US braced for an... More »

Dollar Gets Pounded

As the pound passes $2, Brits expected to flock to U.S.

(Newser) - The British pound hit a 26-year-high against the dollar this morning, triggering inflationary fears there as it pushed past $2 for the first time since Margaret Thatcher's early reign. As  inflation figures spiked to 3.1% in March—the highest  in 10 years—the middle class got hit the hardest,... More »

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