Suwannee River

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Flying Fish Kills Girl, 5, on Fla. River

Jaylon Rippy was boating with her family

(Newser) - Florida's leaping sturgeon have occasionally proven more than a little hazardous to boaters on its Suwannee River , but the latest incident is as tragic as it is unprecedented: 5-year-old Jaylon Rippy was boating with her family late last week when a flying sturgeon—which can reach 8 feet and... More »

Flying Fish Crash Into Boaters

Once-endangered sturgeon weigh up to 200 lbs, can't be killed

(Newser) - Boaters on Florida’s Suwannee River have been knocked unconscious by "sturgeon strikes" as the muscular fish rocket through the air, the New York Times reports. The  collisions  have caused a broken pelvis, shattered leg and a slashed throat. The fish, which can weigh up to 200 pounds, have... More »

2 Stories