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Friday's Harvest Moon Comes With Eclipse—for Some

Those in North America out of luck on the eclipse part

(Newser) - Skywatchers can witness a rare sight Friday night, though people in North America will have to settle for doing so via the Internet. The part everyone can see: It will be a full moon, and because this one falls closed to the fall equinox, it's called a harvest moon... More »

Something Special Will Happen to the Moon on Christmas Day

It'll be full during the holiday for the first time since 1977

(Newser) - The last time there was a full moon on Christmas, Jimmy Carter was president and a gallon of gas cost 65 cents. But this year we get to party like it's 1977 when the moon is shown in its full glory on Dec. 25, the Weather Channel reports. It'... More »

How to Watch This Weekend's Supermoon Eclipse

It will be visible to 2B people

(Newser) - There's another supermoon on Sunday night—but this time it's a supermoon eclipse. As Time explains, the supermoon occurs when the moon is at its closest point to Earth, and Sunday's will be around 14% bigger than usual. And a lunar eclipse, of course, is when the... More »

Friday's Rare Blue Moon the Last Until 2018

There are 13 full moons this year

(Newser) - When Friday's blue moon arrives, don't expect it to be blue—a blue moon isn't actually that color, reports CNN , though some full moons can indeed have a bluish hue. The phrase "once in a blue moon" refers to something that is rare, and it was... More »

No, Full Moons Don't Actually Cause Chaos

Researcher rejects link to hospital admissions

(Newser) - The theories about the full moon and insanity that gave "lunacy" its name were discredited long ago, and a UCLA professor says the moon is also off the hook for affecting "automobile accidents, hospital admissions, surgery outcomes, cancer survival rates, menstruation, births, birth complications, depression, violent behavior, and... More »

Friday the 13th, Full Moon Unite

First honey moon in almost 100 years spotted this morning

(Newser) - If the fact that it's Friday the 13th has you shaking in your boots, we hope you didn't look out your window early this morning. For the first time in nearly 100 years, what's known as a "honey moon" or "strawberry moon" coincided with the... More »

Rare Blue Moon Fills Night Sky

Won't be back until 2015

(Newser) - Photographers were out in force last night to capture a rare blue moon. No, blue moons aren't actually blue (although there have been moons that were blue, most recently in 1950); rather, the term refers to the second full moon in a month, USA Today reports. But wait, you... More »

The Full Moon Messes With Your Sleep

Even when we don't know about it: study

(Newser) - OK, you probably won't become a werewolf, but there is evidence that the full moon really does take a toll on people—even if they don't know it's out there. Scientists reviewed data in which subjects slept in a darkened room where they couldn't see the... More »

Don't Forget: Blue Moon Tonight

Sorry, it won't be blue, though

(Newser) - A reminder for those who missed it: A blue moon will grace the skies tonight, although Space.com has a primer for those who might be mistakenly expecting a change in the moon's color. While dust particles in the atmosphere can in fact make the moon at times appear... More »

Check Out Last Night's Supermoon

Biggest full moon of the year

(Newser) - Last night brought this year's "supermoon," the point in which the moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit. The moon was some 15,300 miles closer to us than usual, making it look about 14% bigger, an expert tells the AP . Unfortunately, "you'd... More »

Scenes From the 'Supermoon'

Extra-full moon put on a pretty good show around the world

(Newser) - For those stuck under cloud cover, or those of us who grumpily didn't think it looked that different, last night's "supermoon" yielded some pretty spectacular images from around the world—including moonrise over Libya. Click through the gallery, and for even more images, go to Space.com's gallery . More »

Full-Moon Fermentation Gives Beer Stronger Taste

So says a Belgium brewer

(Newser) - A family-owned brewery in Peruwelz, Belgium, fermented its first batch of beer brewed under a full autumnal moon. "We made several tests and noticed that the fermentation was more vigorous, more active," said Roger Caulier, owner of the brewery. "The end product was completely different, stronger, with... More »

Crime Doesn't Rise During Full Moon

Legendary link is just that—a legend: criminal justice experts

(Newser) - Crime rises with the temperature and climbs during weekends—but not during the time of the full moon, illuminating new research reveals. Crime statistics for San Antonio helped criminologists shed some light on the deeply entrenched belief in what the researchers called "the lunar-crime relationship," reports USA Today ... More »

This New Year's Eve, A Blue Moon

2nd full moon of month will grace last night of the year

(Newser) - New Year's revelers will experience an event that happens once in a blue moon. That's because there will be a blue moon—the occurrence of two full moons in the same month. Blue moons aren't actually all that rare: they happen about every 2.5 years. But there hasn't been... More »

Big Moon Rising This Weekend

Star-gazers who missed December's perigee get a second chance to look up Saturday

(Newser) - Star-gazers are hoping for clear skies this evening, when the full moon will make its biggest and brightest appearance of 2009. As it rises at sunset, the moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than the year's subsequent moons, Space.com reports. The show—the result of the moon... More »

Moon Will Appear Extra Bright Tonight

Tonight's sky will seem 30 percent brighter than usual, NASA says

(Newser) - If tonight’s full moon looks bigger and brighter than normal, that’s because it is, Space.com reports. The satellite reaches its perigree today, making its position the closest of the year to Earth—though still some 222,000 miles away. The moon's irregular orbit causes the distance to... More »

Moon to Make Rare Pass Over Mars Tonight

Stargazers further north and west will get best view

(Newser) - Scanning the heavens for a sighting of Santa tonight? Star-gazers will also see the full moon appear to pass just over Mars, which is still glowing a strong yellow-orange color. Skygazers farther north and west will get the best view—especially in the Pacific Northwest, western Canada, and Alaska—where... More »

Mars Draws Near, Shines Bright

Our next chance for this good a look at red planet won't come until 2016

(Newser) - Astronomers of all abilities—and children scanning the night sky for Santa Claus—should be able to see a gleaming Mars as the red planet draws close enough, and into the right position, to outshine Sirius as the brightest evening star. Practically brushing shoulders with Earth—a mere 54,783,... More »

Full Moon Injuries Just a Myth: Scientists

Austrian researchers miss chance to weigh in on werewolves

(Newser) - Another of life's mysteries has been cleared up—a crack team of scientists has found no link between accidents and the full moon. Experts analyzed 500,000 industrial accidents to arrive at the myth-busting conclusion, the AP reports. Says an Austrian government astronomer, "The full moon does not unfavorably... More »

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