Army Medical Command

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Ex-Colleague Blasts VA Nominee

Peake's record as Army medical chief troubling, retired general says

(Newser) - Fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs’ medical system will take a leader who sees the big picture, a skill nominee James Peake doesn’t possess, an ex-colleague tells NPR. “When I tell you honestly what I think of him, I could lose my job,” said the retired general,... More »

With Parent Away at War, Child Abuse Increases

Stressed women more likely to mistreat kids

(Newser) - Incidents of child abuse and neglect rise significantly when the Army's deployment of one spouse to war leaves the other worried at home, a study finds. An Army-funded report found female spouses four times more likely than males to mistreat their children; the Army has beefed up family-support services to... More »

2 Stories