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Calif. Bridge Collapse Halts Interstate Traffic

Main route to Arizona closed 'completely and indefinitely'

(Newser) - An elevated section of Interstate 10 collapsed yesterday amid heavy rains in the California desert, injuring one driver, stranding many others, and halting travel for thousands by cutting off both directions of a main corridor between Southern California and Arizona. "Interstate 10 is closed completely and indefinitely," says... More »

World Cup City Bridge Collapses; 2 Dead

Several vehicles trapped near stadium in Belo Horizonte

(Newser) - Brazil has taken a lot of flak over shoddy, unfinished, and even deadly construction projects ahead of this year's World Cup, and now this: A highway overpass under construction in the city of Belo Horizonte collapsed today, trapping or damaging several vehicles, reports CNN and AP . One woman in... More »

65K US Bridges 'Structurally Deficient'

And another 20K are 'fracture critical,' which is even worse

(Newser) - Think about this the next time you drive over a bridge: An AP analysis of 607,380 bridges in the most recent federal National Bridge Inventory showed that 65,605 were classified as "structurally deficient" and 20,808 as "fracture critical." A bridge is deemed fracture critical... More »

New Bridge Collapses; NTSB Warns Many More at Risk

Train cars derail, slam into overpass in Missouri

(Newser) - The nation's bridges and overpasses are proving particularly vulnerable to having their support systems knocked out, with a highway overpass in Missouri becoming the latest victim, reports the AP . The span partially collapsed yesterday after a train derailment sent rail cars smashing into support columns, causing two 40-foot sections... More »

Highway Bridge Collapses in Washington State

3 taken to hospitals after cars fall in Skagit River

(Newser) - An Interstate 5 bridge over a river collapsed yesterday evening, dumping two vehicles into the water and sparking a rescue effort by boats and divers who searched the chilly waterway in Skagit County, north of Seattle. Authorities said it appeared nobody was killed, but three people were injured in the... More »

Fireworks Blamed in Fatal Bridge Collapse

Chinese state media say 8 dead, 13 injured

(Newser) - A fireworks truck may have been responsible for destroying a freeway bridge in central China yesterday and killing at least eight people, AFP reports. With the 260-foot span of concrete lying in a heap of twisted cars and trucks, China National Radio first reported the death toll at 26, but... More »

Atlanta Footbridge Collapse Kills 1

(Newser) - An elevated walkway under construction at Atlanta’s Botanical Garden collapsed today, killing a worker and injuring 18, the Journal-Constitution reports. Workers were pouring concrete for the 40-foot-high footbridge when the collapse set off a scene one EMT described as "sheer chaos." Those nearby described a “loud... More »

Minneapolis Greets New Bridge

Drivers queued up to see collapsed bridge replacement

(Newser) - Festive honks awoke Minneapolis today as first responders to last year's bridge collapse led a procession over its newly-minted replacement. Drivers waved and passengers snapped photos as they rode over the 10-lane interstate at a creeping 10mph. Traffic was backed up for a mile after the bridge opened at 5am... More »

Minn., Bridge Victims Strike $38M Compensation Deal

Victims eligible for $400K apiece

(Newser) - Minnesota will establish two funds totaling $38 million to compensate victims of the Minneapolis bridge collapse that killed 13 people last summer, the Star Tribune reports. One pool allows victims up to $400,000 each; the other provides those "extraordinarily impacted" by the collapse with extra funds for medical... More »

Bridge Had Fatal Design Flaw

Feds expected to report inadequate plates

(Newser) - The Minneapolis bridge that failed last summer, killing 13 people, had fatal design flaws, the NTSB announced today. Steel gusset plates that held together beams on the eight-lane bridge were half the thickness they should have been, investigators found. While the agency didn't say the gusset plates caused the collapse,... More »

Nepal Bridge Fails; 200 Missing

15 bodies recovered after suspension span collapses

(Newser) - Nepalese rescuers were searching into the night for about 200 people who plummeted into a swirling river when a suspension bridge collapsed. Another 15 bodies have been recovered, and 32 were taken to nearby hospitals. Up to 1,000 Hindu pilgrims were on the bridge when it failed in a... More »

Vietnam Bridge Collapse Kills 60

Dozens more injured in southern city of Can Tho

(Newser) - As many as 60 workers were killed today when a bridge under construction in the southern Vietnamese city of Can Tho collapsed, Reuters reports. Chinese and Japanese contractors were working on the bridge over the Hau river; Vietnamese TV reported that rain might have softened the bridge's foundations, though no... More »

Final Bridge Victim Found

Divers recover construction worker's remains

(Newser) - The body of the 13th victim and last person missing since the Minneapolis bridge collapse nearly three weeks ago has been recovered, AP reports. Gregory Jolstad, 45, was a member of the 18-person construction crew working on the doomed structure when it plunged into the Mississippi river. The other 17... More »

Bridge Collapse Kills 22 in China

Bridge was under construction

(Newser) - A bridge under construction in Hunan Province collapsed yesterday, killing 22 people and leaving 44 missing. Workers were removing scaffolding from the 880-foot-long span when it crumbled into the Tuo River. Located in the ancient city of Fenghuang and designed as a tourist attraction, the bridge had four decorative stone... More »

Sensors Could Stop the Next Bridge Collapse

Wireless devices far smarter than humans with binoculars

(Newser) - New technology can diagnose bridge stress months before human investigators—currently armed with binoculars— could ever detect them. BusinessWeek compares the small wireless sensors to stethoscopes, as they’re capable of gauging vibration, temperature and corrosion beneath the paint. Testers ride trucks over the sensors and monitor signals, listening for... More »

Rescuers Find More Remains at Bridge Site

Hoisted school bus part of tragedy that could have been worse

(Newser) - Divers recovered more human remains from the Mississippi River bridge site today after being kept out of the water in a thunderstorm last night, CNN reports. The divers fought dangerous river currents to bring up the remains, which were not identified on the scene. Five people are still missing in... More »

Baby's Body Found at Bridge

(Newser) - The body of a 2-year-old girl is among those recovered from the wreckage of the I35W bridge in Minneapolis; the toddler's mother has not yet been found, CNN reports. Remains located by divers in the Mississippi today bring the total number of casualties in the Aug. 1 collapse to at... More »

Two Bodies Pulled From Bridge Debris

Confirmed death toll climbs to 7; at least 6 more remain missing

(Newser) - Authorities recovered two more bodies from the wreckage of the I-35W bridge today, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, bringing the official death toll to seven. One of the bodies has already been identified, and police anticipated retrieving a third as work continued for a seventh full day in and around... More »

Bush Dismisses Gas Tax Hike for Bridge Repair

Prez blasts Congress, warns Iran over Iraq, asks Sarkozy to lunch

(Newser) - President Bush today rejected a gasoline tax increase that would raise money for bridge repairs across the country, saying Congress should reevaluate the way it allocates tax revenues now. In a wide-ranging press conference before departing for vacation in Maine, he continued to defend Alberto Gonzales and fielded numerous questions... More »

Feds Spot Bridge Support Flaw

Same metal plates are used by hundreds of other bridges

(Newser) - Federal experts investigating the Minneapolis bridge disaster have identified a structural flaw that may have led to the collapse, reports the New York Times. Investigators suspect that steel gusset plates used to connect the girders weren't strong enough to support the bridge right from the start. Federal authorities immediately warned... More »

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