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New Starbucks Gimmick: 'Alexa' Will Place Your Order

Customers can order at home, pick it up

(Newser) - Starbucks is trying to make it as easy as possible for its digital customers to drink up. The chain on Monday began testing My Starbucks barista, a platform that lets customers order by voice through their phones, pay remotely, then swing by a store to pick them up, reports the... More »

Starbucks: We're Hiring 10K Refugees

Those who helped US troops will be given priority

(Newser) - Starbucks says it will hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years, a response to President Trump's indefinite suspension of Syrian refugees and temporary travel bans that apply to six other Muslim-majority nations. Howard Schultz, the coffee retailer's chairman and CEO, said in a letter to employees... More »

Man, 37, Hits On Teen Barista, Starbucks Bans Him

He accuses coffee chain of age discrimination

(Newser) - A 37-year-old man claims he was banned from a Starbucks after he asked a 16-year-old barista out to dinner, KREM reports. Now, the man is accusing the Spokane, Wash., shop of ageism. The man (whom the station opted not to identify) writes on Facebook that he scribbled a note to... More »

The 5 Most Frivolous Lawsuits of 2016

You better believe 'monkey selfie' made the list

(Newser) - These are the five silliest and most frivolous lawsuits of 2016, and if you disagree, you can sue. The Institute for Legal Reform picked its annual 10 most ridiculous lawsuits by having 5,000 people rank the most popular stories on Faces of Lawsuit Abuse . Here are the top five: More »

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Is Stepping Down

He's going to focus on innovation at the company instead

(Newser) - Starbucks says CEO Howard Schultz is stepping down from that role at the coffee chain that he joined more than 30 years ago, the AP reports. The company announced Thursday that Kevin Johnson will become chief executive as of April 3. Schultz, currently chairman and CEO, will become executive chairman... More »

Trump Fans Are Protesting Starbucks by Buying Starbucks

The #TrumpCup movement took off Friday

(Newser) - Trump supporters are protesting Starbucks by...spending money at Starbucks. The Hill reports fans of the president elect are ordering drinks at Starbucks and giving their names as "Trump" so baristas have to write "Trump" on their cups and yell it out. The movement took off Friday, with... More »

Starbucks CEO: We'll Open 1 Shop Per Day in China

Howard Schultz says the coffee chain is playing the "long game"

(Newser) - How many black forest lattes can the Chinese drink? Starbucks is hoping the answer is a lot. CEO Howard Schultz tells CNNMoney the coffee giant is planning to open more than one new store each day in China over the next five years. The projection to have almost 5,000... More »

1 Dead in Starbucks Shooting After Credit Card Declined

Drive-thru customer came inside, shot man, witnesses say

(Newser) - A Starbucks customer described terrified people dropping to the floor and sobbing after a gunman parked his car and entered the Las Vegas store, fatally shooting a man inside, the AP reports. Customer Medin Gebrezgier told police and a television reporter that he saw the gunman, identified Monday by police... More »

Despite Vows, Dunkin' Can't Quit Styrofoam

Chain believes eco-unfriendly foam is still the best way to serve your coffee

(Newser) - Six years after vowing to give up Styrofoam, Dunkin' Donuts is still using its iconic, eco-unfriendly cups, reports Business Insider . The coffee chain declared ridding itself of Styrofoam the "#1 sustainability priority" in 2010, yet a majority of outlets still use cups made of Styrofoam, or polystyrene, which is... More »

Judge Dismisses Starbucks Suit, Says Even Kids Would Get This

California man's case alleging misleading beverage sizes: done

(Newser) - If you don't assume that ordering an iced drink at Starbucks could include an ample amount of ice in that drink, and that said ice will count toward the stated liquid volume of that beverage—well, you're not smarter than a fifth-grader. That's basically the gist of... More »

Starbucks Baristas Can Now Wear Fedoras

As a symbol of their 'personal expression'

(Newser) - Just like a Starbucks customer can match her perc to her personality via a customized coffee, company baristas can now also "shine as individuals" thanks to the java giant's updated dress code. Per a company release posted Monday, baristas are now allowed to diverge somewhat from the black,... More »

Starbucks Announces Higher Pay, Higher Prices

The two developments are unrelated

(Newser) - On Monday, Starbucks announced it would increase worker wages; on Tuesday, the company announced it would also increase the cost of some of its drinks. The two developments are unrelated: As Fortune notes, the price hikes (between 10 and 30 cents per beverage) are thanks to rising coffee costs, not... More »

Judge OKs Class-Action Suit Over Starbucks Lattes

California plaintiffs complain about a lack of milk

(Newser) - Think your Starbucks lattes are light on the milk? Well, get this: Not only are two Starbucks customers suing over an alleged lack of milk in the coffee drinks, a judge on Friday allowed their proposed class-action suit to proceed, Reuters reports. The plaintiffs, California residents Siera Strumlauf and Benjamin... More »

Woman Gives Mean Girls an Intervention at Starbucks

By way of a heartfelt note and Mini Frappuccinos

(Newser) - Michelle Icard starts her days with a cup of tea at a North Carolina Starbucks. But on Monday, her morning ritual was ruined by the overheard conversation of a trio of "very pretty, very boisterous, horribly behaved" teen girls who were making fun of classmates and complaining about "... More »

Starbucks Barista Majorly Goofs on Helen Hunt's Name


(Newser) - Celebrities— they're just like us . Helen Hunt says Starbucks mangled the spelling of her name on her drink order, but the goof was a little more extreme than "Hellen." A confused barista mixed her up with fellow Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster—and didn't even manage to... More »

Woman Sues Starbucks for $5M Over Ice in Its Drinks

Is a Venti really 24 ounces?

(Newser) - A cold drink is one thing—but a cold drink filled partly with ice? An Illinois woman is suing Starbucks for $5 million, claiming the company misrepresents the size of its cold drinks by including a hefty amount of ice, the Huffington Post reports. Take the company's 24-ounce Venti... More »

'Diabetes Here I Come' Note Offends Starbucks Customer

Florida man has two sisters with Type 1 diabetes

(Newser) - A Starbucks customer in Florida wasn't too pleased to see something printed in place of his name on a freshly made grande white mocha: "DIABETES HERE I COME." (See a tweeted image of the offending cup here .) But the still-unidentified man had a personal reason to... More »

Woman Chews Out Florida Governor at Starbucks

And it gets caught on video

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Rick Scott stopped for coffee at the wrong Starbucks on Tuesday. A woman in the Gainesville store spotted him and gave him a pretty fantastic chewing-out, most of which was caught on video . After ripping him for cutting Medicaid and not caring about the working class, she shouted,... More »

Starbucks to Open Its Largest Store Ever

'The Willy Wonka of coffee' to open in NYC in 2018

(Newser) - Starbucks may be heading "home" to Italy , but its largest store ever will be stateside. The coffee company is planning a 20,000-square-foot location in Manhattan dubbed the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room, per the Seattle Times . CEO Howard Schultz describes it as "the Willy Wonka of... More »

Starbucks to Donate All of Its Unsold Food

By 2021 that will add up to nearly 50M meals a year

(Newser) - Some 70 billion pounds of food is wasted in the US annually—but you won't find a single unused Starbucks spinach and feta breakfast wrap in the mix by 2021. The company announced Tuesday it plans to donate 100% of unsold food within five years as part of a... More »

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