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Alec Baldwin Getting MSNBC Show: Report

Host to focus on politics in prime time slot: insider

(Newser) - Sounds like Alec Baldwin will soon have a regular outlet for his political views. An unnamed insider tells Mediaite that Baldwin is set to host a politically-focused MSNBC show on Fridays at 10pm. The channel hasn't confirmed the news, though the source says it's a certainty. The show... More »

Murdoch Tried to Buy US Presidency—Media Yawn

Carl Bernstein rips into coverage at Washington Post, elsewhere

(Newser) - Carl Bernstein can't quite believe how the US media mostly ignored what he sees as a bombshell story: As his Watergate partner Bob Woodward revealed earlier this month , Rupert Murdoch tried to get David Petreaus to run for president last year, promising to bankroll his campaign and give him... More »

Petraeus: 'I Love Roger Ailes'

Transcript of call with Fox Reporter revealed

(Newser) - Did Roger Ailes really try to convince David Petraeus to run for president in April 2011? Just how close was the general with the conservative network? Well, you can now judge for yourself, because the Washington Post has published the full transcript of the call Bob Woodward obtained between Petraeus... More »

Fox's Ailes Offered to Back Petraeus Presidential Bid

He urged general to reject CIA directorship, reports Bob Woodward

(Newser) - Fox News chief Roger Ailes made a serious effort last year to enlist Gen. David Petraeus to seek the GOP nomination for president, reports Bob Woodward for the Washington Post . Fox News national security analyst Kathleen McFarland was asked to speak to the general on Ailes' behalf on a trip... More »

Why Murdoch, Ailes Are No Romney Fans

Romney 'too soft' for News Corp honcho, NYT reveals

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch has never been a big fan of Mitt Romney, and the lukewarm feeling is mutual, the New York Times finds. On Romney's two visits to the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal—which printed a scathing attack on the "confused" Romney campaign yesterday—there was... More »

Roger Ailes: Jon Stewart Told Me He's a Socialist

Fox News chief slams MSNBC, 'cesspool of bias' NYT

(Newser) - Ever wonder what would happen if Jon Stewart and Roger Ailes went for a beer? According to Ailes, the two actually did meet in a bar once—and the Daily Show host "basically admitted he's a socialist," said Ailes. The Fox News chief, speaking at his alma... More »

Gingrich Bolts When Student Journo Asks Fox Question

Aide, Secret Service physically block UNC's Memet Walker

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich had no problem bashing Fox News last week, but he apparently really does not want to be questioned about it now, as a reporter for the University of North Carolina's Daily Tar Heel found out Saturday. Memet Walker had scheduled a private interview with Gingrich at a... More »

Mole Flap Shows Media's Need to Get Over Itself

Forbes blogger: Outlets obsessed with self-image

(Newser) - The Fox News mole story may have generated lots of headlines yesterday, but it's "about the weakest cloak-and-dagger story imaginable," writes John McQuaid at Forbes . Outed mole Joe Muto hasn't offered much beyond the mundane so far about the inner workings at the network, he notes.... More »

Fox News Takes Heat for Move Toward Center

It's part of Roger Ailes' 'course correction'

(Newser) - Is Fox News shifting to the center, relatively speaking? Politico thinks so, tracing it back to a "course correction" ordered by Roger Ailes last fall. He wanted Fox to move away from Tea Party "cheerleading" and to tone down the far-right rhetoric, writes Politico's Keach Hagey. "... More »

Fox News Tops Rankings for 10th Year

Roger Ailes' plan was a winner, anchor says

(Newser) - Fox News has plenty of critics— including Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy —but it also has more viewers than its two closest rivals combined, according to the latest Nielsen Ratings. The figures show that Fox is the most-watched cable news channel for the 10th year in a row,... More »

Roger Ailes Pens Memoir; Leaving Fox?

News chief reportedly cutting deal with Harper Collins

(Newser) - Fox News chief Roger Ailes is reportedly writing an autobiography, which may mean he's planning to abandon the conservative media colossus he launched in 1996. After all, he could hardly publish an unvarnished tell-all while managing Fox News, writes Gabriel Sherman in New York . People like Ailes' Fox colleagues... More »

Fox Chief 'Fed Up With Palin'

Roger Ailes furious that decision not to run wasn't announced on network

(Newser) - Fox News chief Roger Ailes was furious when Sarah Palin decided to announce her non-candidacy outside of the network, sources tell New York . Ailes—who grumbled that he "paid her for two years to make this announcement on my network"—was so angry that he considered yanking Palin... More »

Roger Ailes: 'I Hired Sarah Palin Because She Was Hot'

Fox News chief says he was concerned about ratings, not politics

(Newser) - In an interview with the AP about the 15th anniversary of Fox News, Roger Ailes has set off a mini-tizzy with this line about Sarah Palin: "I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings." He was deflecting criticism that the channel is politically biased—as... More »

Roger Ailes: Beck, Palin Were 'Branding Issue'

Fox News shifts towards center, plays up GOP's 2012 conflict

(Newser) - Is Fox News going moderate? Not exactly, but Roger Ailes has consciously made a “course correction” from hyper-partisanship back toward the center, sensing that the public has grown weary of the Tea Party, he tells Howard Kurtz of Newsweek . Glenn Beck’s inflammatory rhetoric in particular “became a... More »

ACLU, Gawker to Drop Suit Vs. Christie, Ailes

Governor's office releases schedule entry showing private dinner

(Newser) - New Jersey's ACLU says it will likely drop a lawsuit filed earlier today against New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie after Christie's office released records that seemingly indicate that he met with Fox News chief Roger Ailes last year. The ACLU filed the lawsuit on behalf of a Gawker... More »

Gawker Sues Chris Christie, Fox's Ailes

Claims that the network chairman is pushing politics

(Newser) - Gawker has filed a lawsuit to determine the nature of communication between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, reports New York . The civil suit stems from a profile on Ailes that the magazine published in May, revealing that he had pushed Christie to enter the... More »

Former Exec: Fox News Hacked Phones, Too

'Black ops office' existed to do 'counter intelligence' work: Dan Cooper

(Newser) - A former Fox News exec who helped launch the channel in 1996 claims the Rupert Murdoch-owned network has a "counter intelligence and black ops office" that may have engaged in a little phone hacking of its own. The New York "brain room," which most thought was just... More »

Rupert Murdoch Has Only Himself to Blame

Phone hacking is byproduct of his own corporate culture: Alex Pareene

(Newser) - The phone hacking scandal involving Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. gets worse by the day, and while the big man himself has called the allegations "deplorable," he is sticking by news exec Rebekah Brooks even as the UK government promises an inquiry. This is no fleeting scandal, writes... More »

Nixon Memo Reveals Ailes' Plan for Fox Prototype

TV great, memo said, because people don't like to think

(Newser) - Where did Roger Ailes get the idea for Fox News? Maybe from a Nixon-era memo aptly titled “A Plan For Putting the GOP on TV,” that envisioned a kind of proto-Fox News delivering “pro-administration” news to stations around the country. The 1970 memo, which Gawker found buried... More »

Roger Ailes Now Says Palin Is 'So Smart'

Fox News chief also explains why Glenn Beck is off the network

(Newser) - Roger Ailes is probably the last guy Anthony Weiner expected to rally to his defense. But in a new interview the Fox News chief does just that. “The media’s had enough giggles over Mr. Weiner and his name,” Ailes told Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast . “... More »

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