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What a Woman Did When an ATM Kept Throwing Cash at Her

'It was like something out of a movie': Kristina Edwards, who returned her $380 windfall

(Newser) - The public might not be too happy with Wells Fargo right now, but Wells Fargo has good reason to be happy with one particular member of the public, per the AP . Pennsylvania's Kristina Edwards found herself in an awkward but potentially lucrative situation Sunday morning when one of the... More »

Daring ATM Heist: 100 Thieves, 3 Hours, $13M

It happened in 7-Elevens all around Japan

(Newser) - A purported organized-crime incident in Japan put the emphasis on "organized" in a crime that is labeling "Ocean's 100." Cops believe that more than 100 thieves took part in a spree in Tokyo and 16 other prefectures on May 15, cleaning out 7-Eleven ATMS... More »

ATM Mistakenly Gives $37K to Homeless Man

Police returned it, though

(Newser) - A woman in South Portland, Maine, called police yesterday because a homeless man was spending a very long time at the ATM she wanted to use. Turns out, he was doing so for good reason. He kept asking the machine for money, and the machine kept spitting it out, reports... More »

Target Hackers Got PINs, Too

But Target thinks they're safely encrypted

(Newser) - Ever since news broke of Target's massive security breach , the retailer has said that customers' PIN and debit card data hadn't been stolen. Today, it admitted that actually, it had been—which, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune , makes the stolen cards significantly more likely to be fraudulently... More »

EU: We May Limit ATM Withdrawals if Greece Bails

Visa-free Euro travel could end too, officials warn

(Newser) - Europe is readying a to-do list in case Greece tries to leave the euro—like limiting the size of Greek ATM withdrawals, ending visa-free EU travel, and clamping down on eurozone capital. Finance officials say they don't expect Greece to bail, but anything is possible with the radical-left SYRIZA... More »

ATMs as Dirty as Public Toilets

Study finds keypad bacteria levels similar to public toilets

(Newser) - The average ATM is so filthy that you might as well be taking your cash from under a public toilet seat, according to a British study. Researchers—funded by a company that makes antibacterial product coatings—took swabs from the keypads of ATMs in busy areas and from under the... More »

Thieves Flash Breasts to Pull ATM Job

Female crooks make boob out of customer

(Newser) - A couple of French female desperados flashed their breasts at a customer withdrawing funds from an ATM to distract him while they ripped him off. As his eyes were particularly drawn to one woman's chest, the other grabbed his money and ran (with her shirt down). The heist was captured... More »

Thumb Prints Produce Cash in Rural India

New biometric ATMs help the illiterate poor get wages faster

(Newser) - Payday in rural India now comes with the scan of a fingerprint: Brand new biometric cash machines are letting illiterate laborers collect their meager wages hassle-free. Account holders are issued an ATM card bearing their thumb print information; when they withdraw money, they follow voice commands to retrieve their wages.... More »

8 Stories