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Wall Collapse Kills Dozens of Wedding Guests

Police in India arrest building owner

(Newser) - India Prime Minister Narendra Modi says he is "pained beyond words" by a disaster that killed dozens of people at a wedding in Rajasthan state Wednesday. Authorities say at least 25 people were killed and nearly 30 others injured after a dust storm hit as hundreds of people were... More »

Scientists Issue Dire Warning on Christ's Tomb

There could be a 'catastrophic' collapse if structural issues aren't remedied

(Newser) - Few places are more holy to Christians than what's thought to be Christ's tomb in Jerusalem, but scientists are now warning that there's a "very real risk" of collapse at the site. Researchers from the National Technical University of Athens say the Edicule, a shrine that... More »

14 Dead in India Overpass Collapse

150 feared trapped under concrete, metal in Kolkata

(Newser) - At least 14 people are dead and another 150 feared trapped after a half-finished overpass collapsed onto traffic Thursday in Kolkata, India. Witnesses tell the Indian Express they heard an explosion and a crash, then "a cloud of smoke emerged." Paramedics and bystanders were attempting to rescue people... More »

Sand Collapse in Oregon Kills Girl, 9

Child trapped under sand for 5 minutes as rescuers raced to dig her out

(Newser) - An end-of-summer trip to an Oregon beach turned tragic for a 9-year-old girl. As CNN reports, Isabel Grace Franks was digging a hole Friday evening with her siblings at Lincoln City's beach when the sand collapsed. "We heard screaming," says one tourist. "At first we thought,... More »

Modern Society Pretty Much Doomed

NASA-funded study says the end is nigh

(Newser) - Don't look now, but industrial society is going the way of the Dodo bird. According to a NASA-funded study , modern societies will self-destruct in the vein of past empires (think Roman, Han, Mesopotamian) because the 1% are consuming too much and we're bound to run out of resources.... More »

Busy Miami Restaurant's Deck Crashes Into Water

Dozens hurt in collapse during Heat game

(Newser) - Miami Heat fans got far more than they bargained for as they watched last night's game at the crowded Shuckers Waterfront Grill. The restaurant's deck—where 100 people were gathered—collapsed just before halftime, taking dozens with it, the Miami Herald reports. Police and firefighters hurried to the... More »

6 Now Dead in Philadelphia Building Collapse

Death toll rises

(Newser) - Five more bodies have been pulled from the rubble of today's building collapse in downtown Philadelphia, bringing the death toll to six, reports AP . The collapse happened when a building under demolition unexpectedly came crashing down this morning, destroying an adjoining Salvation Army thrift shop and crushing some who... More »

Forklift Driver Survives Plunge Into Soy Sauce

Gaping hole opens in warehouse floor

(Newser) - It's still unclear what caused a warehouse floor to collapse in New Jersey yesterday, ABC 7 notes, but it seems a forklift may have saved its driver's life. As Danny Rodriguez was operating the vehicle, a hole opened below him and he fell—apparently into a mix of... More »

Building Collapse Kills 41 in Mumbai

More than 50 injured

(Newser) - At least 41 people have been killed after a building collapsed near Mumbai, the AP reports. More than 50 have been injured, and more could be trapped. At least 11 children were dead, officials said, with more than 20 people missing amid rescue efforts. The seven-story building was in the... More »

Dozens Trapped in Tanzania Building Collapse

'Huge pile of chaos' in Dar es Salaam

(Newser) - Dozens of people have been trapped by the collapse of a 12-story Tanzania building; at least three are reported dead. Some 45 people, including schoolchildren, are missing, while 13 have been rescued, the BBC reports. The collapse, in Dar es Salaam, is a "huge pile of chaos," says... More »

Japan Tunnel Collapse Death Toll Hits 9

Government orders emergency inspections

(Newser) - Authorities in Japan have confirmed nine deaths so far in yesterday's terrifying collapse of a major road tunnel . The bodies were found in three vehicles that had been crushed by falling concrete panels in the 2.7-mile Sasago tunnel, the BBC reports. The search for bodies has been suspended... More »

11 Feared Dead in Rio Buildings Collapse

Two high-rises fall, witnesses suspect gas

(Newser) - At least 11 people are feared dead after the collapse of two high-rise buildings in downtown Rio de Janeiro. Emergency rescue workers were scrambling to dig out any survivors, and managed to free five people. The buildings, one 20 stories tall, crushed a four-story construction site nearby, and buried the... More »

Tour Manager's Intuition Saved Sugarland

Hellen Rollens held band backstage

(Newser) - As she looked at the sky Saturday night, Sugarland tour manager Hellen Rollens decided to go with her intuition and hold the band backstage. One minute later, wind gusts sent the Indiana State Fair stage crashing down into the audience , killing five and injuring dozens. "As a tour manager,... More »

Did the Indiana State Fair Tragedy Have to Happen?

Officials begin probe into stage collapse that killed 5

(Newser) - State officials are investigating Saturday's Indiana State Fair stage collapse in an effort to determine if there was any way the tragedy, which killed five people, could have been avoided. "I'm not clear how anyone could have foreseen a sudden, highly localized blast of wind," said... More »

Leonard Cohen Collapses in Spain

Canadian singer suffered from cramps, vomiting

(Newser) - Leonard Cohen collapsed onstage in Spain last night and was rushed to a hospital with stomach pain, the CBC reports. The 75-year-old singer, who fainted while singing "Bird on the Wire," suffered from stomach cramps and vomiting before losing consciousness. Cohen was released this morning and said he... More »

Florida's a Dying Ponzi Scheme, But I Love It

Tax base erodes as tourists, snowbirds dwindle

(Newser) - Florida resident Diane Roberts isn’t surprised—or even upset—that her state is collapsing. The Sunshine State's population is dwindling for the first time since World War II as tourists and snowbirds pull out, eroding the tax base that funded just about everything. "Our whole economy is more... More »

Marseilles Cops Probe Madonna Stage Collapse

Company behind it made LA stage that caved in last year

(Newser) - Police in Marseilles have launched a manslaughter investigation into the Madonna stage collapse that killed two and injured ten others, the Times of London reports. Police plan to question dozens of witnesses, analyze videotape, and read over commercial contracts. The company that built the stage—and constructed a Madonna stage... More »

Shanghai Building Collapses Intact

Construction worker killed trying to retrieve tools

(Newser) - A 13-story building under construction in Shanghai collapsed almost completely intact today, Reuters reports, killing a construction worker who entered the block of apartments to fetch his tools. The Chinese construction industry has been accused of dangerously shoddy work as the country rushes to build out its cities and infrastructure... More »

US Will Collapse by 2010: Russian

(Newser) - The “collapse of the American dream” is complete, says a Russian scholar, and President Obama will declare martial law and the US will splinter into six regions by the end of 2010, the AP reports. Igor Panarin, the dean of Russia's Foreign Ministry school, cited school shootings, the prison... More »

Finance Crisis Topples Iceland's Gov't

Leftist party likely to replace coalition; protests growing

(Newser) - Iceland’s coalition government collapsed today amid financial upheaval, with PM Geir Haarde planning to resign. “I really regret that we could not continue with this coalition. I believe that that would have been the best result,” he said. The coalition had been in turmoil since October, when... More »

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